Write short note on human resource management.

Write short note on human resource management.

Ans. Human Resource Management – Human resource management determines how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position through planning management strikes to have the right number and the right kind of people at the right places, at the

right time, doing things which result in the organization and the individual receiving maximum long run benefit.

Elements of Human Resource Management – The basic elements of

human resource management are as –

(i) Developing the sound recruitment and selection procedure.

(ii) Proper utilization of available manpower.

(iii) Controlling and reviewing the cost of work in valued through manpower.

(iv) Forecasting the future needs of manpower.


Objectives of Human Resource Management – Following are the

specific objectives of human resource management –

(i) Managing the manpower according to the need of enterprise. .

(ii) Making correct estimate of manpower requirements.

(iii) Helps in recruitment and selection.

(iv) Maintaining pro9uction level.

(v) Minimisation in labour wastages.

{vi) Reduction in labour costs.

(vii) Making employees development programme effective.

(viii) Establishing industrial peace.

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