UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (12) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (12) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

Name:- Vikram

Qualification:- B.Sc Biotech

Optional:- Geography

Work experience :- Asst Manager, Union bank of India, Presently in SAC,ISRO Ahmedabad Hobby:- Reading Garfield comic strip, Caring for street dogs

04 May 2016, 4th candidate to be interviewed Chairwoman:- Alka Sirohi Madam.

Entered, Wished Chairwoman, Lady member & other male members individually

Chairwoman:– So you are vikram, Kindly take the seat.

Chairwoman:- why are we spending so much on ISRO missions while we have so much poverty in the country.

Vikram:- Mam, ISRO expenditure is helpful for the people of the country in disaster management, weather forecasting, TV, communication. Hence i feel though we are spending on ISRO missions, but this indirectly benefits the poor man. Hence in a long term, i don’t see it to be ill appropriated and see it in as playing a role in development of people & the nation.

Chairwoman:- Ok, so tell me the applications of ISRO? What work does ISRO do for the country? List them out.

Vikram:- ISRO main application is in field of communication, resource monitoring, disaster forewarning & mitigation. Location system like IRNSS.. (Chairwoman interrupted)

Chairwoman:- Ok don’t go into detail, just tell me fast other applications

Vikram:- Crop productivity forecasting, Ground water level monitoring, glaciers monitoring, atmospheric disturbance.( Chairwoman was listing all these and like rapid fire round asking me next applications)

Vikram:- I said i can only remember these many at present.

Chairwoman:- You are missing two important applications, can u think about them?

Vikram:- (I thought for a moment & said)Mam, it has major application in Defence.

Chairwoman:– ok, what about other applications, i asked you two areas.

Vikram:- I am sorry mam, i am not able to recollect any more applications.

Chairwoman:- Isn’t telemedicine done by ISRO?

Vikram:- Yes mam, Telemedicine is also an application. Thank you mam.

(Chairwoman passes the baton to next lady member. Lady member had a sweet smile on her face, a very warm lady)

Lady Member:- your hobby is reading Garfield, what do you like in Garfield?

Vikram:- Mam, Garfield is a comic strip that appears in Times of India, its about a cat. It speaks less less but conveys more. This feature of Garfield i like the most.

Lady Member:- (with a smile on face) But Garfield is a very lazy cat ,isn’t it?

Vikram:- (Smiling) Yes mam, it is a very lazy cat, but when required, it gets more active than its human master whose name is john.

Lady Member:- How did you develop this hobby of reading Garfield?

Vikram:- Mam, i have been reading Garfield since 7 years daily in the newspaper, so gradually i developed a liking to it and now it is a daily ritual for me to read Garfield.

Lady Member:-Why did you opt for geography as an optional?

Vikram:- During the initial stage of my preparation, i was going through the syllabus for choosing optional, i felt a major part of geography syllabus known to me. Moreover geography overlaps in GS papers too, hence i selected Geography as my optional.

Lady Member:- You have written caring for street dogs, what do you do for street dogs?

Vikram:- I feed stray dogs, see to it that they are vaccinated regularly and see that they don’t cause trouble to people of the society. If i happen to spot any dog with an emergency medical need, i arrange to transport it to the nearest veterinary hospital/Ngo working for animal welfare.

Lady Member:-Good, but don’t you think dogs run behind vehicles, bite people, cause rabies etc?

Vikram:- Yes mam, I do agree that stray dogs are a great nuisance to the society as they bite people ,bark and spread rabies. But i think if effectively managed through community dog feeders like me, i think the menace can be effectively managed.

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