TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Unusual Gyaan on Answer Writing that will work for everyone, ABHISHEK JAIN, RANK 304, CSE 2015, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Abhishek 304

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Unusual Gyaan on Answer Writing that will work for everyone, ABHISHEK JAIN, RANK 304, CSE 2015, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

About ME:

  • RANK 304
  • Graduation: IIT (BHU), Varanasi (2014)
  • Home Town: Delhi
  • Marksheet: (CSE-2015)
  • Prelims: GS (Paper-I): 115.34
  • Mains

Abhishek 304


General Bol Bachchan ? 


There is a general jibe in India that “one decides what to do in life after joining the engineering college”. And I take no shy in accepting that I’m no exception to this. I’m not the one who had thought of clearing UPSC since childhood. Like many others, after getting into engineering I enjoyed as much and sooner it was final year that I have to decide of what to do in Life!!

After I returned from Internship from Taiwan, I got an opportunity to interact with a serving IRS officer during my final year who motivated me and ushered my path to take this challenge. The usual chemical engineering job didn’t fascinate me either. So, I decided not to sit in campus placement and instead started with Class 6 NCERT!!! (Career graph is going in reverse :D)

First Phase LEARNING


Initially everything seems to go haphazard, there was too much of everything and need to start from clean slate. I didn’t have habit of completing my newspapers. It took 2 hours to complete “THE” The Hindu. Like many others I picked up an optional which is most popular Public Administration, to which I agree was not well thought off. Just read class notes and standard book (Prasad & Prasad/Rajni Goyal) and thought I am ready to go. Rather than understanding and analyzing, I ran for Covering every bit notes available and mug them up. As & when I came across any topper’s strategy/notes, I rush forward to gather it. I had leap of Xerox notes/ summary of ARC’s/ Gists of Hindu, Yojana etc piled up in my room. (Aap notes ke peeche, notes aap ke peeche: too much fun). Instead of focusing on NCERTs I kept on speeding to Standard books. This strategy cost me a lot.

The most important thing that I learnt & corrected was to restrict to QUALITY not Quantity. Set small targets and move forward in piecemeal approach.

The turn around-3 common problem & how to deal with them


PROCRASTINATION is the biggest enemy one has to face in this preparation that pushes even the brightest and calmest of minds into hells of negativity. Piles of unread The Hindu editorials kept staring at me with innocent look + remaining portion of optional revision pulls me other way round + in between my mind picks up Lakshmikant in-hand for prelim preparation. (There were days when my mother used to mock me that yesterday’s The Hindu was not even opened and seems fresh as new.) Unstable psyche chooses to avoid all this. (Till date ghost of procrastination keeps on haunting my mind palace).




Pick up the subject that you like the most. In my case it was Polity & Modern India (Gandhian Phase). Read from the Basic source (NCERT/Notes). Pick up General Studies Reference Manual (TMH/Pearson etc). It contains 400-500 Qns topic wise segment wise per subject. ATTEMPT. I challenged myself to score 90% in that. After that move to part tests of different institutes & build upon then after to full ones. Can form a group to push oneself or monitor your performance through tests.

FEAR – The yearlong process of preparation is like a sinusoidal wave, with moments of low and high takeover your capabilities. There came instances where I scored so low in my exams and felt so low that I even questioned myself whether I had taken right decision to jump in this Rat Race. (कहाँ ओखली में सिर दे दिया) Life would have been simpler if I had picked up a job instead. On the top of it the hysteria created in market, relatives & society as you enter in the field raises the negativity. (Walking across that “Bada Bazaar Marg” in Old Rajinder Nagar gives shiver of pessimism and chill ran across the spine).

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