[Topper’s Interview] Pankaj Kumawat (AIR 371 /CSE-2012) First attempt, Public Administration, Sociology

AIR 371 CSE 2012 Pankaj

[Topper’s Interview] Pankaj Kumawat (AIR 371 /CSE-2012) First attempt, Public Administration, Sociology

  1. Introduction
  2. Educational Background
  3. Extra C
  4. Work Ex
  5. Family background
  6. Coaching
  7. Inception
  8. Information
  9. Study Momentum
  10. Hours
  11. Strategy: CSAT (Aptitude)
  12. Strategy: GS
  13. Mains 2013
  14. Optional: Public Administration
  15. Sociology
  16. Optional Subject in Mains 2013?
  17. Compulsory papers
  18. Essay
  19. Insecurity  about “Profile”
  20. Career Backup
  21. Family and Friends
  22. Interview
  23. Marksheets
  24. Wisdom
  25. Bogus marketing propaganda


Name Pankaj Kumawat
Roll number 8505
Rank (CSE 2012) 371
Optional Subjects
  1. Public Administration
  2. Sociology
Number of Attempts First
Medium for Mains Exam English
Schooling (Medium) Hindi (till 10th), English thereafter
Centre for Prelim exam Jaipur
Centre for Mains exam Jaipur
Name of home town/city Kishangarh-Renwal

Educational Background

% in class 10 93.87%
% in class 12 89.6%
Graduation course and % B.Tech in Computer Science, CGPA – 9.2/10
Name of college and year of passing out IIIT, Hyderabad. Passed out in May 2011
PG (if applicable) NA
Any professional courses (if applicable) NA

Extra C

  • Merit scholarship from GoI in class 10th
  • Silver medal in university in graduating class of 2011
  • Dean’s academic awards for excellence in academics for all 8 semesters
  • Student Placement Coordinator for class of 2011 in university and led efforts for ensuring 100% placements in graduating class
  • Quiz club member in university
  • Teaching Assistant for university courses – assisted professors. (Teaching in my hobby)
  • Prior selection in IIT-JEE and AIEEE

Work Ex

  1. Provide details of your job experience, name of post, months/years.
  • Started job in December 2012 ( after  my mains exam) as software engineer due to financial distress at home.
  1. Did you leave the job to prepare for upsc yes/no
  • I didn’t join job just after graduation as I had no solid foundation to prepare for this exam which in my opinion requires high quality self study.
  • I had taken up the job later on due to financial problems. I was able to prepare my bio-data and revise both GS, optionals before interview.
  1. Your advice to fellow working professionals who’re preparing for upsc simultaneously.
  • Be honest to yourself while assessing your preparation level.
  • If one has a base in GS, one might be able to crack the exam with job also. There have been toppers who have done this.
  • However, let me say it very frankly, if one lacks the knowledge of basic things say in economics or polity etc. I would recommend to them to take the daring steps of switching their job to a less demanding one ( of course with proportionate pay cuts) or a sabbatical. After all, mere wishful thinking can not help in cracking this exam.
  • So take a honest call depending upon
    • Your Work pressure
    • Your preparation level
    • Your time management skills
    • Your financial situation
    • Other obligations ( parents, spouse etc. )
    • Support base ( parents, spouse, friends etc.)
    • How crucial is a career in civil service for your happiness ?
  • I am no way suggesting an easy solution. Neither I am recommending a particular course of action. I am only recommending the working professionals to be bold and courageous. If one thinks that one can manage it with job, go ahead and do it. We would be very proud of you. If another thinks it difficult and can afford a sabbatical, go ahead with equal ferocity.

Family background

Tell us something about parents and siblings. (you can skip, if you don’t want to share).

  • Father – Chemist
  • Mother – Homemaker
  • We live in small town around 70 km away from jaipur city.


Did you join any Coaching? Yes for sociology. None for GS and Pub Ad.Took mocks at Vajiram, Samkalp for interview.
Did you join any postal courses? No
Did you join any Mock test series? No
Did you appear in any other competitive exams? No


AIR 371 CSE 2012 Pankaj

  • It was in summer holidays of pre-final year of graduation when I explored all probable career options which would make my life satisfying for me.
  • I had explored 4 options in detail for about 1 year vis-à-vis my priorities, interest and philosophy of life.
    • Entrepreneurship in software
    • MBA
    • Ph.d. in computer science (Researcher)
    • Civil services
  • I went into each of these to sufficient details to find which one suits me the best.
  • After deep thoughts, I came up with only 2 criteria’s to decide ( rejecting many others with high conviction)
    • My interest in the nature of job
    • Contribution to society
  • 2nd criteria was common to all options. Unlike many others, I think all professions make equal contribution to society and are sui-generis.
  • The more I read on civil services, the more I got interested into it. Then the need for any motivation vanished for me.


Outside Delhi, it’s hard to dig how to prepare for civil service. So How did you gather the necessary information / strategy / booklist?

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