[Topper’s Interview] Chandrashekhar AIR-470/CSE-2012: Public Administration & Sociology

Chandrasekhar AIR470-CSE2012

[Topper’s Interview] Chandrashekhar AIR-470/CSE-2012: Public Administration & Sociology

  1. Bio
  2. Coaching
  3. Inception
  4. Information
  5. Study Momentum
  6. Hours
  7. Strategy: CSAT (Aptitude)
  8. Strategy: GS
  9. Mains 2013
  10. Optional Subject: Sociology
  11. Optional Subject: Public Administration
  12. Optional Subject in Mains 2013?
  13. Compulsory papers
  14. Essay
  15. Previous Attempts
  16. Insecurity  about “Profile”
  17. Career Backup
  18. Family and Friends
  19. Interview
  20. Marksheet
  21. Wisdom
  22. Bogus marketing propaganda


Roll number 003010
Rank (CSE 2012) 470
Optional Subjects
  1. Public administration
  2. sociology
Number of Attempts Two
Medium for Mains Exam English
Schooling (Medium) English
Centre for Prelim exam Bangalore
Centre for Mains exam Upsc,delhi
Name of home town/city Bangalore


% in class 10 93.92
% in class 12 84.00
Graduation course and % Chemical engineering and 60
Name of college and year of passing out National institute of technology,Karnataka-2010
PG (if applicable) No
Any professional courses (if applicable) No

Extra C

School cricket team captain, Played for college football team for 3 years during engineering, a frequent and an avid quizzer participated in a lot of intra and inter college quiz competitions.

Family background

Father was a Assistant finance officer in a PSU ( ITI,LTD). Mother is a home maker. My mother has always been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement in my life. She always believed in my ability, be it civil services or any other thing. Her encouragement in allowing me to follow my dreams after my engineering even though taking up a job seemed a better option (since my father had  passed on a few years earlier) is the most important reason why I was able to clear this exam.


Did you join any Coaching? 1)Prelims- physical geography module of Neetu singh.No other coaching classes attended.2)Mains- sociology test series of Praveen kishore.3)interview- mock interviews at vajiram and chaitanya.
Did you join any postal courses? No
Did you join any Mock test series? Sociology test series of Praveen kishore


Chandrasekhar AIR470-CSE2012
I first decided that I wanted to become an IAS officer when I was in high school. A neighbor to whom I was very close always used to tell stories about what a DC can do. How he is respected by everyone around him etc. This aspect of power was what initially attracted me. Later as I got to know more about the job and the society and its problems, the desire to become a civil servant deepened because I believed( and still believe) that a lot of good and positive changes can be brought about in our society through a civil servant.


Q. Outside Delhi, it’s hard to dig how to prepare for civil service. So How did you gather the necessary information / strategy / booklist?

Ans. My attempt in 2011 was made completely in Bangalore itself. I cleared prelims and missed interview call by 27 marks. During this attempt, internet was my main ally in digging up information regarding preparation, strategy and booklist. I used to follow a few blogs one of which was yours for clarifying doubts, getting better at concepts and understanding what to read and what to skip ie “smart work” complementing “hard work” rather than “hard work alone. I suggest aspirants who are not in Delhi to make use of internet and blogs such as yours to the maximum. Reading newspapers religiously and studying standard books for subjects like history, polity, geography will be more than enough to clear the exams.

Study Momentum

I feel that the motivation for studying for this exam should come from within for it to be effective and long lasting and the source of such a motivation varies depending on the individual. Personally, for me it was a combination of fear, my ambition and the ability to not over work myself. The fear of failure always motivated me to just go that extra mile when it came to studying. I had given up a potential life of comfort (by not taking up a job)  for civil services. So that played its part in motivating me. Secondly becoming an IAS officer was always my dream. But most importantly I feel that I did not over work myself. I used to study properly when I sat down to study but whenever I felt that I needed a break I did take it and these breaks would be one or two days of complete unwinding. After such breaks I did not regret such breaks but saw them as a refreshner. I did make sure that such breaks were few and far to affect my preparation. Another way I continued preparations even during the phase of low motivation was by taking up my favorite subject’s book (history) and reading it (not with the intention of preparing for the exam but just for the sake of reading).


Q. On an average, How many hours did you study per day?

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