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[Essay Tip for Newcomers] What to write & What not to write in Mains IAS exam?

Think for Thirty Minutes What *NOT* to write in an Essay? Provokative Essays Don’t get Personal (Cong.vs BJP) Quoting the Famous Quotes Padding with Fodder Material Suggested Reading Reading Books as a Hobby Related articles This is what I learned from my seniors and [...]

[Tips] Nine Types of Questions in UPSC Mains Exam: How to write answers?

This article was originally written by Sivaharimani on ioforum way back in 2007. 9 types of Questions in Mains Exam Break the Question in 3 parts 7 steps answer writing 9 types of Questions in Mains Exam In UPSC Civil service Mains exam, by and large [...]


(September 2013) Write Articles, Win Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone

Update 1st October: Competition is closed, Deadline is over, and Result has been announced. Click me The Competition & Prizes Technical Requirements Topic Requirements Language Requirements Good Faith Where to send the article? About the Books to Win #1: CSAT Paper II (Aptitude) Manual [...]


(October 2013) Write Articles, Win World History Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Oct last date to submit

Technical Requirements Where to send the article? Topic Requirements: Language Requirements: Good Faith About the World History books Jain and Mathur: A History of the Modern World Norman Lowe: Mastering Modern World History Arjun Dev: History of the World FAQ After the grand success [...]

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(Nov-2013) Write Articles, Win IR/Diplomacy Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Nov last date to submit

Update: competition over and result has been declared. click me to see it Technical Requirements Where to send the article? Topic Requirements Language Requirements: Good Faith Requirements: About the IR/Diplomacy Book Prizes Peu Ghosh Shashi Tharoor VP Dutt FAQ After the grand success of writing [...]


(January 2014): Write Articles Win Books for prelim, mains and interview, PLUS free notes for everyone – 26th Jan last date to submit

Prologue Technical Requirements Where to send the article? Topic Requirements [Other category] Language Requirements: Good Faith Requirements: Prizes to Win Three books on Freedom Struggle (Bipin, Sumit, Rajiv) TMH General Studies Manual (English) Gandhi: A life (NBT) Separate author page for constant contribution [...]

Write short note on a factor affecting productivity. Or What are the factors affecting productivity Discuss.

Ans. There are two types of factors which affect the productivity - (i) Factors Affecting National Productivity - (a) Human Resources- In national productivity, the general level of education is an important factor. The use of computers and other sophisticated equipment and systems need~ better educated [...]

Write short note on human resource management.

Ans. Human Resource Management - Human resource management determines how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position through planning management strikes to have the right number and the right kind of people at the right places, at [...]

Write down the importance of productivity

Ans. In India, an autonomous organization known as National Productivity Council (N.P.C.) was established in 1958 and has set up 5 regional productivity directorates in the country managed by specialists for organizing productivity programmers. It has also established 4 ?local councils at various industrial [...]

Write short note on batch or quantity production.

Ans. Batch production is the manufacture of a number of identical articles either to meet a specific order or to satisfy continuous demand. When production of the batch is terminated, the plant and equipment are available for the production of similar or other products. [...]

Write down the limitations of input-output analysis.

Ans. Input-output analysis has the following limitations - (i) The input-output analysis is based on the basic premise that the input coefficients are fixed. There is constant returns to scale in production and techniques of production remain unchanged. (ii) The assumption of fixed coefficients of production [...]

Write a note on input-output analysis. Or Discuss input-output analysis in detail.

Ans. Input-output analysis is a technique which is used to study the production structure of an economy, considering the mutual interdependence of the various production sectors. According to Lange, "the analysis of inter industry relations, usually referred to as input-output analysis, serves the purpose of [...]