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[Aptitude] Time n Work: 4 men and 6 women can complete a work in 8 Days then

This is merely a subtype of Time n Work problems. and can be solved using our good ol’ STD table Method. Case 1: Women finish entire job Case 2: Women to finish remaining job Case: Child labour Case 1: Women finish entire job 4 men and [...]

[Polity] Indecent Representation of Women: IRWA Act amendment

What is IRWA? Why do we need to amend it? Proposed amendments Critiques of IRWA amendment Constitutional angle: What is IRWA? Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, (IRWA) was enacted 1980. Why? Ans. To prohibiting the indecent representation of women through advertisement, publication, writing, [...]

[Economic Survey Ch13] Human Development (Part 3 of 4): Women and Child Development, Saksham, Priyadarshini, Dhanlaxmi & yes ofcourse SABLA

Prologue Interval Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (MGPSY) Rashtriya Bal Swasthya karyakram Saksham Women Schemes: Women n Girls Ahimsa messengers Beijing platform for action CEDAW CSWB Poorna Shakti Kendras Priyadarshini SABLA Saksham STEP Swadhar Greh Ujjawala Schemes: Mother-Child Rashtriya Bal Swasthya karyakram ICDS [...]

Foreigners who played role in India's Freedom struggle

[GS1] Freedom Struggle Indian History: Answerkey & Analysis of Mains-2013 Questions Dalhousie, Women, Foreigners & Studyplan, Booklist for UPSC Mains-2014

Prologue Q. Dalhousie the founder of Modern India Q. Maulana Azad Q. Foreigners in Freedom struggle Q. Women in Freedom Struggle Difficulty level and BackbreakingTM Evenly Spread Questions The Nature of History questions Studyplan/Approach/Strategy for Mains-2014 (GS History) Prologue In the last article we saw [...]

Cover Economic Survey ch13 Health

[Economic Survey] Ch13: Health, Women, Children- Policies, Acts, Schemes, Statistics, IMR, MMR, Beti Bachao, National Health Profile

Prologue [Act 1] Health National Population Policy 2000 National health profile 2013 Health Schemes National health missions Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY) ASHA Safe drinking water PMSSY Economic Survey: Health reform points [Act 2] Women and Children National policy for children 2013 [...]

Emma Watson He for she campaign gender equality

[Women Rights] Essay Fodder: Emma Watson on Gender equality, Views of new NCW Chief

Prologue Emma Watson: Gender equality What is Feminism? Gender Equality: What and Why? Men too face Gender inequality Gender stereotypes  Views of New NCW chief: Mock Questions Prologue Combining two topics from current affairs- mainly for Essay fodder. September week2: Emma Watson speech on Gender [...]

Nirbhaya cases never pass due to such lawyers

[Women Rights] Nirbhaya Centres, Victim friendly Courts &IPC 376-E: Death Penalty for Rapists

Prologue W1: Nirbhaya Centres Timeline of events Salient features of Nirbhaya centres: Criticism against Nirbhya Centre project W2: Courts vs Rape victims Sakshi guidelines not followed “Loose Character” Quality of a good judge IPC 376-E: Death Penalty for Rapists vs Jholachhap NGOs Mock [...]

Legalizing prostitution

[Rights Issues] Legalizing Prostitution, Gender Gap Report, Widows of Vrindavan, Christian Women Property rights

Legalizing prostitution Immoral Traffic prevention Act, 1956 Pro arguments: sex trade be legalized bcoz: Anti-Arguments: Sex trade must not be legalized bcoz: WEF: Gender Gap Report 2014 (Oct 14) Property rights of Christian women (Sep-14) Widows of Vrindavan (Sep-14) Stopping Child marriages: some [...]

John Lang Laxmibai Lawyer

[Historic Women] Rani Rudrama & Chandupatla inscription, John Lang & Laxmibai, Hazrat Mahal & More

This is an old article- updated with two new notes: Rudrama Devi’s Chandupatla inscription and John Lang’s India connection. Rudrama Devi & Chandupatla Inscription John Lang, the Lawyer of Laxmibai (1816-1864) Hazrat Mahal: 135th Anniversary Stree Shakti Puraskar Women in Freedom Struggle of India [...]

Child Sex Ratio India

[Women Rights] Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Sukanya Samridhi, Acid Attact prevention, IUCAW units

Modi schemes for Girl Child Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Sukanya Samridhi Yojana Acid Attack victims IUCAW units Women safety Mock Questions Modi schemes for Girl Child Who Women and Child Development ministry, under Maneka Gandhi What? Two schemes, to improve child sex-ratio (present 918/1000) Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao [...]

[Essays] January Week4: Socialist Preamble, Democracy without participation, women-the deities of household fire

Democracy-Development Society Religion, Philosophy Ethics / GS4 Democracy-Development In future, it would be perfectly possible for thinking people to devise some other form of social organisation which might be better than the socialist organisation of today or of tomorrow. (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Context: ongoing [...]

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)- Education

[Mains Revision] Education, Youth, Skill, Women & the End of SDG/HRD related topics for GS 1, 2 & 3

Prologue ML3/P1: Education: Govt. Interventions, SDG – Targets ML3/P2: Youth, Skill, Entrepreneurship, dem.Dividend & SDG-Targets ML3/P3: Women- education, empowerment and Safety ML3/P4: HDI, MDG, SDG – positive and negatives Prologue Day#3 of my lecture series on Mains revision – only selected topics will be [...]