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[Current] April-Week4-P2: Economy- WTO SPS Agreement EU Ban on Indian Mango, HDFC Bank Foreign Investment FII problem, SC guideline on Cheque bouncing, RBI’s Public Key infrastructure (PKI)

Prologue E1: [WTO SPS Agreement] EU Ban on Indian Mangoes Mango Ban: Timeline / Sequence of Events India’s stand on EU Mango Ban Anti-Arguments Preventive measures against Fruit Fly Sample question for Mains  E2: [Banking] HDFC Bank vs FIPB: Foreign investment Problem Foreign [...]

[Essays] September Week4: De-bureaucratizing the executive, Hidden Euthanasia, Gender equality

Democracy and Bureaucracy Bureaucracy, Ethic and accountability Economy Rights issue Science-tech & environment Security Democracy and Bureaucracy Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. (Einstein) A Constitution always integrates, it never divides. (Modi during Nepal visit). Welfareist role of the [...]

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[Current Topiclist] October Week1 to Week4

Diplomacy & International relations (IR) OctW1 Oct.W2: IR & Internal Security Oct.W3: IR & Internal Security Oct.W4: IR & Internal Security Economy OctW1 Oct.W2: Economy Oct.W3: Economy Oct.W4: Economy Polity OctW1 Oct.W2: Polity Oct.W3: Polity Oct.W4: Polity Environment OctW1 Oct.W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster [...]

[Essays] October Week4: End of American Century, Activism vs Restrain, Censorship vs Lynching

IR, Security Democracy Ethics, Accountability Indian Economy, Development Education, Science, Public health IR, Security The end of American century is nigh. Parliament- the very heart of a democracy. (Context: Terrorist attacks on Canadian parliament and earlier on Indian parliament.) Can India carve out a [...]

[Essays] December Week4: Apoplectic Secularism, Syncretism, Spiritual Alzheimer, Pragmatic Diplomacy

Democracy and Development Globalization, Diplomacy Science, Education, History Society, Culture, Religion GS4: Ethics Paper Democracy and Development Essay list for December week2 and week4 will be released soon. Apoplectic secularism, paranoid minoritarianism and repressive majoritarianism in India. Democracy is not an instrument to attain power [...]

[Current Topiclist] December Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security Dec.W1 DecW4: IR Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes Dec.W1 DecW4: Economy Polity, RPA & rights issues Dec.W1 DecW4: Polity Environment & Biodiversity Dec.W1 DecW4: Environment-Biodiversity Mock Questions for Mains Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense Dec.W1 DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, [...]

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[Current Topiclist] January Week1 to Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

List of abbreviations IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security Jan-W1 Jan-W2: IR & Internal Security Jan-W3-IR Jan-W4-IR Economy Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Economy Jan-W3-Economy Jan-W4-Economy Polity Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Polity Jan-W3- Polity Jan-W4- Polity Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W3- Environment, Agro Jan-W4- Environment, [...]

[Essays] January Week4: Socialist Preamble, Democracy without participation, women-the deities of household fire

Democracy-Development Society Religion, Philosophy Ethics / GS4 Democracy-Development In future, it would be perfectly possible for thinking people to devise some other form of social organisation which might be better than the socialist organisation of today or of tomorrow. (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Context: ongoing [...]

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[Current Topiclist] February Week1 to Week4 (1 to 28): Only Topiclist

List of Abbreviations IR/Diplomacy FebW1-IR FebW2-IR-Diplomacy FebW3-IR FebW4-IR Economy FebW1-Economy FebW2-Economy FebW3-Economy FebW4-Economy Polity, Governance FebW1-Polity, Governance FebW2-Polity, Governance FebW3-Polity, Governance FebW4-Polity, Governance Environment, Agro FebW1-Environment, Agro FebW2-Environment, Agro FebW3-Environment, Agro FebW4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare FebW1-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare [...]

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[Current Topiclist] March Week1 to Week4 (1st to 31st) Only Topiclist

Abbreviations IR-Diplomacy March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-IR/Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Finance March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Economy Policy, Governance, Accountability, Administration March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Polity, Governance Environment & Agriculture March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Sci-Tech, Defense, [...]

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[Current Topiclist] April Week4 (22 to 30th): Diplomacy, Economy, Polity, Environment & Culture

Abbreviations April Week4-IR/diplomacy April Week4-Economy April Week4-Polity, Governance April Week4-Environment, Agro April Week4-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare April Week4-History & Culture Download Excel File Abbreviations This page contains important news and current affairs developments from theHindu and Indianexpress newspaper and similar sources. Since UPSC civil [...]