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[Current] April-Week1-P1: Economy-Monetary Policy update,GI Tagging for Kanauj Attar,Predatory Pricing by Spicejet, BIS new labelling guidlines for electronics

[Act 1] Economy E1: RBI: Monetary Policy April 2014 E2: GI Tagging & EC model code #1: Dharmavaram Pattu Silk Sarees: Andhra #2: Kannauj Attar, UP #3: Muradabad Metal craft UP #4: Saharanpur woodcraft, UP #5: Firozabad Glassware, UP E3: Predatory pricing by [...]

[Essays] September Week1: 16 Topics for UPSC Mains- Expansionism, Buried Justice, India-the Model international citizen

Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. Combination of `Samata` (equality) and `Mamata` (motherly love) would lead to `Samarasta` (social harmony). (Modi while praising Ayyankali) Development (Vikaswaad) vs Expansionism (Vistarwaad) [Modi in Japan] Economic aggression may soon become [...]

[Current] September Week1 to Week 4 (1st to 30th) Only Topiclist, content will come later

Polity Topics SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Economy & infrastructure SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 International relations, internal security SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Environment, Energy and Agriculture SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Science-tech SepW1: Public health special SepW2 SepW3 again public health SepW4 History and Culture [...]

[Essays] October Week1: Colonization, Gandhiism, Volunteerism, Personification, Social Transformation

Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks) Democracy, Extremism Society, Rights issues Gandhi Sanitation Education Democracy, Extremism Indian Subcontinent benefited more than it lost from the British Colonization. (Ref This IE column) Entrepreneurship, civil [...]

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[Current Topiclist] October Week1 to Week4

Diplomacy & International relations (IR) OctW1 Oct.W2: IR & Internal Security Oct.W3: IR & Internal Security Oct.W4: IR & Internal Security Economy OctW1 Oct.W2: Economy Oct.W3: Economy Oct.W4: Economy Polity OctW1 Oct.W2: Polity Oct.W3: Polity Oct.W4: Polity Environment OctW1 Oct.W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster [...]

[Essays] November Week1: New Urbanism, Regional Chauvinism, Majoritarian Populism

Democracy Economy, Development Science, Religion, society Environment, Healthcare Want to participate? Democracy True character of a democratic country is in its adherence to the due process of law. (during SC hearing on custodial torture.) Regional chauvinism- the biggest threat to federalism. Majoritarian Populism is [...]

[Essays] December Week1: Social suffocation, true Sovereignty, Arc of revanchist states

Diplomacy & Globalization Democracy, Development & Society Science, Religion & Misc. Ethics/ Mains General Studies paper 4 Write an essay on following topics in 1200-1500 words each in 3 hours. Diplomacy & Globalization “If the basics of a just world economic order are absent, a [...]

[Essays] January 2015 Week1: Religion-A form of Enslavement, Market Oriented Education, Constructive Criticism

India, Democracy, Development Diplomacy, Globalization Religion, Society, Culture Education and research GS4: Ethics Paper Write essay on following topics in 1500 words each. India, Democracy, Development Importance of constructive criticism in a democracy. (Modi says criticism prevents democracy from wandering on a wrong path but [...]

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[Current Topiclist] January Week1 to Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

List of abbreviations IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security Jan-W1 Jan-W2: IR & Internal Security Jan-W3-IR Jan-W4-IR Economy Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Economy Jan-W3-Economy Jan-W4-Economy Polity Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Polity Jan-W3- Polity Jan-W4- Polity Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W3- Environment, Agro Jan-W4- Environment, [...]

[Essays] February Week1: Censorship of Ideas, Acts of Kindness, Childhood to Adulthood, consciously secular society

Democracy-Development Society-Religion Globalization, IR GS4: Ethics Write essays on following topics in 1500 words each Democracy-Development Republic is a Government of laws, not of men. (Gerald Ford) Indian Constitution is secular, with or without any words in Preamble (Justice VN Khare). Can Democracy and free [...]

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[Current Topiclist] February Week1 to Week4 (1 to 28): Only Topiclist

List of Abbreviations IR/Diplomacy FebW1-IR FebW2-IR-Diplomacy FebW3-IR FebW4-IR Economy FebW1-Economy FebW2-Economy FebW3-Economy FebW4-Economy Polity, Governance FebW1-Polity, Governance FebW2-Polity, Governance FebW3-Polity, Governance FebW4-Polity, Governance Environment, Agro FebW1-Environment, Agro FebW2-Environment, Agro FebW3-Environment, Agro FebW4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare FebW1-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare [...]

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[Current Topiclist] March Week1 to Week4 (1st to 31st) Only Topiclist

Abbreviations IR-Diplomacy March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-IR/Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Finance March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Economy Policy, Governance, Accountability, Administration March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Polity, Governance Environment & Agriculture March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Sci-Tech, Defense, [...]