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BASEL norms

[Economy Q] Basel III Norms: Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capital meaning use

Why BASEL? What is BASEL? What are BASEL Capital adequacy requirements (CAR)? BASEL-III norms Criticism of BASEL norms Why BASEL? 2007-08: Subprime crisis in USA, after their banks loaned money to “subprime” borrowers i.e. people without capacity to repay the loan. The resultant housing [...]

Biofertilizers classification

[Agriculture] BioFertilizers & Green Manure: Meaning, use, advantages, disadvantages

Biofertilizers Examples of BioFertilizers: Pros and Cons Green Manure Examples of Green Manure Pros and Cons of Green Manure? Advantages Disadvantage What is Biofertilizer? Biofertilzier is a substance containing living microorganisms. It can be applied to seed, plant surfaces, or soil. Biofertilizer improves the [...]

[Polity] National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID): Meaning, Use, Controversy

NATGRID Concerns Privacy and misuse Wikileaks like situation NATGRID 26/11 attacks on Mumbai led to the exposure of several weaknesses in India’s intelligence gathering and action networks. So, Chindu came up with the idea of National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) NATGRID will integrate 21 categories [...]

[Nuclear Diplomacy] India’s No first use” Nuclear weapon policy vs Pak’s conditional sign to NPT

D1: India’s No First Use (NFU) Police for Nuke weapons D2: Pakistan: Conditional NPT signature D1: No First USE policy for nuke weapons Topic is in news because BJP Manifesto called for updating the NFU policy. Q1.  Discuss in brief the “No first use” Nuclear weapon [...]

soil erosion in india

[Geography Lecture] Land Use pattern, Soil Types, Desertification, Erosion, Soil Conversation, Indian Agriculture

Prologue G8/P1: Soil profile, erosion, conservation, salinity, desertification G8/P2: Soils of India G8/P3: Indian Agriculture and industries Part1 Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad. On 23rd March, continuation of the Indian geography [...]