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[Diplomacy] UN Secretary General: Selection, Appointment, Powers, Signifiance, Limitations, Antonio Guterres for UPSC Prelims and Mains GS2

Selection process of UN Secretary General Latest selection: Antonio Guterres Informal rotation system UN Secretary General: significance and limitations Selection process of UN Secretary General Q. Discuss in brief, the selection procedure for the post of United Nations Secretary General. संयुक्त राष्ट्र महासचिव पद की चयन [...]

Role of UN in Combating International Terrorism

Role of UN in Combating International Terrorism   Prime Minister Modi visited Washington to attend nuclear security summit and has emphasised on various steps that the world should take in order to prevent terrorism and stop the access of nukes to non state actors. He also [...]

Berlin War

[Old NCERT World History ch13] After WW2: Birth of UN, Division of Germany-USSR-Yugoslavia (Part 1 of 4)

Prologue Introduction Second World War: Immediate Consequences Yalta Conference Birth of UNITED NATIONS The Potsdam Conference Europe after the Second World War GERMANY: partition GERMANY: Fall of Berlin Wall France and Italy: rise of communism Britain: Rise of Labour Party Eastern Europe Fall [...]

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[Middle-East] Palestine becomes UN Non-Member Observer, Hamas-Fatah Join hands in Unity Deal

D1: Palestine wants to join UN bodies D2: Israel-Palestine: HAMAS-FATAH Unity Deal D1: Palestine wants to join UN bodies Background for the full historic coverage of Israel-Palestine, read my earlier article click me 2012: Palestine given UN Non-Member observer status, and thus become eligible to [...]

[UN Bodies] ECOSOC, UNESCO, UN-IOC- structure, functions, mandate

D1: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace D2: UNSECO and International literacy day D3: UN-IOC Sports for development and Peace D1: UN ECOSOC structure Function Q. Write a short note on the structure & function of UN-ECOSOC (100 words) Since UN ECOSOC had released this Arab [...]

[United Nations] UN Security Sector Reforms (SSR): What & Why?

DONOT confuse this topic with UN Security council (Veto-body) reform. Background UN carter mandates every member to either troops or equivalent money in UN Peacekeeping operations (PKOs). The share depends on country’s economy & status in global governance. While developed countries usually send money, developing [...]

[UN Report] Arab Integration- Meaning, Opportunities, Challenges, Implications

Topic in news because recently UN’s Economic and Social Commission (ECOSOC) released a Report: “Arab Integration: A 21st century development imperative”. Frontline magazine also ran a story. (Interview Q) What do you understand by the Arab Integration? Why is Arab integration necessary? What are the [...]