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[Analysis] Essay topic trends in last 19 years (1993-2011) for UPSC civil service IAS exam

Trouble viewing the charts and tables?  Download the pdf file by clicking meI’m classifying all the essays asked in last 19 years, into 8 broad topics. Topic [bracket shows # of questions asked so far] 1.    Economy (India vs Bharat theme) [12]2.    Education [11]3.    Culture [18]4.    International [...]

[Strategy] UPSC Civil Service Exam (Part 1 of 5): Exam Trends and Changes

Prologue Act I: Mindset of the Enemy Prelims GS Prelims Optional Mains: 90s Era General studies (mains) of 90s Era Optional papers: 90s era Literature optionals: 90era The Back-breakingTM era (2010 onwards) BackbreakingTM  era: Prelims BackbreakingTM era: Mains (General Studies) Adaptation Prologue There are [...]


[Economic Survey] Ch4: Inflation- Trends in WPI, CPI, IIP & International market, Government reforms to combat price rise

Prologue [Act 1] Theory recap [Act 2] WPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 3] CPI inflation trend: Survey points [Act 4] IIP Trend: survey points Mining and Power Manufacturing 8 Core industries in IIP [Act 5] Trend in international market (2014-15) [Act 6] [...]

RBI Monetary policy rates Aug 2014

[Economic Survey] Ch4: Monetary Policy Trends, Reforms, RBI Restructuring program

Prologue Why RBI’s monetary policy fails to control inflation? Urjit Patel: reforms in monetary policy Rajan Reforms in Monetary policy Monetary Policy Trend 2013 Monetary Policy trend Jan 2014 onwards Why Rajan decreased SLR? Rajan Wisdom during press conference RBI restructuring Existing departments [...]