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[Current] Sept-2016: Diplomacy, Defense, Diaspora: Indus Water Treaty, G20 Summit, NAM Summit, LEMOA, PAVA, FARC-Peace Deal & more

Diplomacy in News: Sept.2016 Indus water treaty 1960 Should India stop water to Pakistan? Bilateral Diplomacy- Sep.2016 GSM2: International Org. / Groupings G20 Summit, 2016 What is G20 Sherpa? Other Intl. org in news India not Involved: Sept.2016 Columbia Referendum & Nobel Peace [...]

[Diplomacy] WIPO Treaty for Visually Challenged, Patent vs Copyright difference, Marrakesh Treaty

What is WIPO? What is this agreement? Difference: Patents vs. Copyrights? Marrakesh Treaty for Visually Challenged Educating visually challenged What is WIPO? WIPO been in news in context of (1) US Special 301 –intellectual property rights (2) Marrakesh treaty. Since UPSC is not going to change [...]

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[Old NCERT World History ch10] First World War: Causes, Consequences, Treaty of Versailles, Triple Alliance

The First World War Imperialist Rivalries Conflicts within Europe Formation of Alliances Incidents Preceding the War The Outbreak of War The Course of the War End of the War Peace Treaties Consequences of the War and the Peace Treaties EXERCISES UPSC has included World [...]

[Treaty] Arms Trade treaty, Features, India’s stand on ATT

Arms Trade treaty is an old topic (2012) but resurfaced in news again, because some countries ratified this treaty in April-2014. Q. Discuss the salient features of Arms Trade treaty and India’s stand on it (200 words) Features of Arms Trade Treaty (ATT): Aims to prevent [...]