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hybrid car

[Economy] Ethanol Blending in Petrol: meaning, benefits & limitations; Hybrid cars & Intelligent Transport

What is Ethanol fuel / Gasohol? Pro-argument for Ethanol Blending? Anti-argument against Ethanol Blending? Gasohol system in India and abroad What is National Automotive Board (NAB)? What is National Mission for Electric Mobility (NMEM)? What is a Hybrid vehicle? What is Intelligent Transport [...]

map-sethusamudram project

[Economic Survey Ch10] (Part 4 of 5) Services: Road Transport, Shipping, Aviation, sethusamudram, FANS, Greenfield airports

Roads Width of National highways Org 4 highway construction Where does NHDP get money? BRO Central Road Fund Bharat Nirman Rural Housing Roads Electrification Telephone Connectivity Drinking Water Irrigation. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) 12th FYP: Road Transport Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) [...]

new Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014

[Bill Summary] Road Safety & Transport Bill 2014- salient features, provisions, penalties, graded point system

Why need for new Road act? Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014 #1: setup new authorities #2: Reform License, permits and policies #3: increase Punishments #4 Graded Point System for penalties Health ministry’s suggestion on Road safety bill Mock Questions Why need for new [...]

What do you understand by spin of quantum particle ? Explain the transport’ of spin in brief. Also categorize the magnetic materials.

Ans. So far, we have seen the transport of charge. However, as quantum. particles also have spin. Unlike charge, spin is a purely quantum phenomenon, yet like charge, spin can be transported and/or used to store information. Devices based on spin (spin-based electronics, or [...]

What do you understand by carbon nanotubes ? Explain CN tubes in ballistic transport.

Ans.  Carbon Nanotubes in Ballistic Transport - Metallic carbon nanotubes are excellent conductors, and can exhibit D.C. ballistic transport over at least µm lengths. For an single walled nanotubes (SWNT), when ballistic transport occurs, the resistance of the tube is length independent, and is, [...]

Derive the formula for quantum resistance and conductance in ballistic transport.

Ans. To characterize ballistic transport, we need to determine the resistance of the channel. We assume that a potential V is applied across the two reservoirs in fig. 4.4, positive on the left side, driving a current in the wire. The Fermi energy in [...]

Explain the idea of ballistic transport, including the various length scales that define different transport regions.

Ans. Conductivity is a bulk parameter, and is derived assuming a large number of electrons and a large number of collisions between electrons and phonons, impurities, imperfections, etc. In particular, if length L of a conduction path is reduced to become much less than [...]

Write short note on electron transport of semiconductors.

Ans. In semiconductors charge can transport by the movement of electrons and holes. For intrinsic semiconductor, the current is due to both, is the electrons and holes, but for extrinsic semiconductors the current is predominantly either of the two. Also in semiconductors, both drift current (charge transport [...]