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Expert Notes on Important Banking Awareness Topics for Banking Exams

Expert Notes on Important Banking Awareness topics for Banking Exam

Many of you are preparing hard for IBPS PO V Interview process, which is scheduled to be held from January 2016. The competition is very high and only right preparation strategy can help you in cracking the IBPS PO interview. Some of you who did [...]

chart IBPS Reasoning

[Studyplan] IBPS CWE PO/MT: Reasoning, topicwise analysis, priority topics, syllogism, assumption-inference, sitting arrangement, Non-Verbal, data sufficiency

IBPS Reasoning: Internal breakup Booklist for IBPS Reasoning Preparation Priority#1: Sitting Arrangement Priority#2: High level Reasoning Priority#3: Non Verbal Reasoning Priority#4: Input output Priority#5: filler topics IBPS Reasoning: Internal breakup Reasoning Area topic wise breakup 2011 2012 Diagram/Arrangement type Direction based test 1 0 Sitting Arrangement 12 18 subtotal Chart based reasoning 13 18 Conventional Reasoning Dictionary based [...]

chart IBPS Banking Awareness & General Awareness

[Studyplan] IBPS CWE PO/MT: General Awareness (GA), Banking Awareness, Computer Awareness, Priority Topics, Trend Analysis

IBPS CWE PO-MT Exam Structure IBPS: High priority topics General Awareness + Banking Awareness #1: Banking Awareness (Theory) Minimum Topics from IBPS Banking Awareness theory RBI Banks: Basics Banking services Rural banking Bad Loans International banking #2: Banking Awareness (Current Affairs) #3: Economy [...]

[Studyplan] MPPSC Mains GS1 and GS2: Priority Revision topics

Disclaimer MPPSC GS1 (Mains) Some peculiarities / Strangeness about GS1 History Culture Geography Environment Biodiversity (EnB) Disaster Management Agriculture Census related Polity International Affairs & Institutions Sci-Tech Economy Yearbook Topics Social issues/Democracy development Sports, Misc.GK, PIN (person in news) GS Paper2: Part 1 [...]

CSAT_DI_semicircle within semicircle

[Studyplan] CSAT Aptitude Paper 2: Decision Making + Maths Medium & Low priority topics, Sample Questions, free studymaterial (part 3 of 3)

Decision Making Problem solving & communication Bad decision choices Good decisions Just eliminate two bad decision CSAT 2013 Questions Elimination doesn’t always work though! Where to get practice? Maths: Medium priority topics M1: Arithmetic Progression (AP) M2: Coordinate Geometry M3: Polynomials & Quadratic [...]

CSAT Aptitude Paper 2 Analysis overall

[Studyplan] CSAT Aptitude Paper 2: Maths & Data Interpretation-High priority topics, Sample Questions, free studymaterial (part 2 of 3)

Math haters are grave diggers #1: 2012 unlikely to repeat #2: GS Strength doesn’t compensate math weakness #3: One lakh Delhi aspirants #4: Maths = competitive edge + peace of mind Mathematics: What to ignore? Doubtful syllabus topics in Mathematics Highest priority (finish [...]

[Essays] September Week1: 16 Topics for UPSC Mains- Expansionism, Buried Justice, India-the Model international citizen

Write Essay on any one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours. Combination of `Samata` (equality) and `Mamata` (motherly love) would lead to `Samarasta` (social harmony). (Modi while praising Ayyankali) Development (Vikaswaad) vs Expansionism (Vistarwaad) [Modi in Japan] Economic aggression may soon become [...]

[Essays] September Week2: 21 Topics for UPSC Mains: Fanaticism, Colonizing Culture, Age of Loneliness, piecemeal WW-III

Write Essay on one of the following topics. 2500 words, 3 hours.  “Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent [...]

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)- Education

[Mains Revision] Education, Youth, Skill, Women & the End of SDG/HRD related topics for GS 1, 2 & 3

Prologue ML3/P1: Education: Govt. Interventions, SDG – Targets ML3/P2: Youth, Skill, Entrepreneurship, dem.Dividend & SDG-Targets ML3/P3: Women- education, empowerment and Safety ML3/P4: HDI, MDG, SDG – positive and negatives Prologue Day#3 of my lecture series on Mains revision – only selected topics will be [...]

APFC labour laws notes

[APFC] Hindi Handwritten Notes on minimum wages, ESIC, Labour laws, Industrial relations & other topics

Here is the collection of notes prepared by one of my associate Mr.Chandra Deo for upcoming Assistant provident fund commissioner (APFC/EPFO) exam Following Topics are covered, for the syllabus topics- Industrial Relations, Labour Laws History of Labour laws in India- before independence and after independence. [...]