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[Current] September Week1 to Week 4 (1st to 30th) Only Topiclist, content will come later

Polity Topics SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Economy & infrastructure SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 International relations, internal security SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Environment, Energy and Agriculture SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Science-tech SepW1: Public health special SepW2 SepW3 again public health SepW4 History and Culture [...]

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[Current Topiclist] October Week1 to Week4

Diplomacy & International relations (IR) OctW1 Oct.W2: IR & Internal Security Oct.W3: IR & Internal Security Oct.W4: IR & Internal Security Economy OctW1 Oct.W2: Economy Oct.W3: Economy Oct.W4: Economy Polity OctW1 Oct.W2: Polity Oct.W3: Polity Oct.W4: Polity Environment OctW1 Oct.W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster [...]

[Current Topiclist] December Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security Dec.W1 DecW4: IR Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes Dec.W1 DecW4: Economy Polity, RPA & rights issues Dec.W1 DecW4: Polity Environment & Biodiversity Dec.W1 DecW4: Environment-Biodiversity Mock Questions for Mains Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense Dec.W1 DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, [...]

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[Current Topiclist] January Week1 to Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

List of abbreviations IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security Jan-W1 Jan-W2: IR & Internal Security Jan-W3-IR Jan-W4-IR Economy Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Economy Jan-W3-Economy Jan-W4-Economy Polity Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Polity Jan-W3- Polity Jan-W4- Polity Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W3- Environment, Agro Jan-W4- Environment, [...]

Mridaparikshak Soil Testing Lab

[Current Topiclist] February Week1 to Week4 (1 to 28): Only Topiclist

List of Abbreviations IR/Diplomacy FebW1-IR FebW2-IR-Diplomacy FebW3-IR FebW4-IR Economy FebW1-Economy FebW2-Economy FebW3-Economy FebW4-Economy Polity, Governance FebW1-Polity, Governance FebW2-Polity, Governance FebW3-Polity, Governance FebW4-Polity, Governance Environment, Agro FebW1-Environment, Agro FebW2-Environment, Agro FebW3-Environment, Agro FebW4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare FebW1-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare [...]

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[Current Topiclist] March Week1 to Week4 (1st to 31st) Only Topiclist

Abbreviations IR-Diplomacy March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-IR/Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Finance March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Economy Policy, Governance, Accountability, Administration March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Polity, Governance Environment & Agriculture March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Sci-Tech, Defense, [...]

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[Current Topiclist] April Week1 to Week3 (1st to 22th): Diplomacy, Economy, Polity, Environment, Science, Culture

Abbreviation IR-Diplomacy AprW1&2-IR AprW3-IR-diplomacy Economy, Banking, Finance AprW1&2 AprW3-Economy Polity, Governance AprW1&2-Polity AprW3-Polity, Governance Environment, Biodiversity & Agriculture AprW1&2-Environment AprW3-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare AprW1&2- Science-tech AprW3-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare History-Culture AprW1&2-History & Culture AprW3-History & Culture Download Link for [...]

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[Current Topiclist] April Week4 (22 to 30th): Diplomacy, Economy, Polity, Environment & Culture

Abbreviations April Week4-IR/diplomacy April Week4-Economy April Week4-Polity, Governance April Week4-Environment, Agro April Week4-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare April Week4-History & Culture Download Excel File Abbreviations This page contains important news and current affairs developments from theHindu and Indianexpress newspaper and similar sources. Since UPSC civil [...]

Atal Pension Scheme Current Affairs

[Current Topiclist] May Week1: Diplomacy, Economy, Polity, Science-Tech, Environment & Culture Current Affairs

Abbreviations MayW1-IR, Diplomacy MayW1-Economy MayW1-Polity, Governance MayW1-Environment, Agro MayW1-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare MayW1-History & Culture Download Excel File Abbreviations This page contains important news and current affairs developments from theHindu and Indianexpress newspaper and similar sources. Since UPSC civil service examination is conducted in [...]