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Creative Guidance – Don’t let that child inside you die – Inspirational & Educative Articles

Don’t let that child inside you die: What happens to that wide eyed wonder and amazement as we grow up? What happens to that child within us as we grow up? What happens to simplicity, curiosity and creativity as we grow up? Growing up is not [...]

Abhishek 304

TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Unusual Gyaan on Answer Writing that will work for everyone, ABHISHEK JAIN, RANK 304, CSE 2015, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

About ME: ABHISHEK J JAIN RANK 304 Graduation: IIT (BHU), Varanasi (2014) Home Town: Delhi Marksheet: (CSE-2015) Prelims: GS (Paper-I): 115.34 Mains   General Bol Bachchan ?    There is a general jibe in India that “one decides what to do in life after joining the engineering college”. [...]

[Aptitude] PnC: arrange such that two people Always sitting together?

Q. How many ways can four children be made to stand in a line such that two of them A and B are always together? (-asked in UPSC Prelims 2010) Confused? You won’t be, after reading this. DONOT Proceed further, without reading The First article on [...]

Discuss micro-economics. How is micro-economics useful in analysing market mechanism that establish relative prices and allocation of limited resources amongst many alternative uses?

Ans. Micro-economics - The term 'micro' means small. Therefore, micro-economics deals with the economic actions of individuals and groups of individuals and firms. This can be stated in another way that microeconomics presents the economic microscopic view of the company. In the words of K.E. [...]

Write and explain the various factors that influence the choices and decisions made by managers.

Ans. Managerial decision making is influenced not only by economic but also by many other important considerations. While economic analysis contributes a great deal to problem solving in an enterprise, it is worth noticed that three other variables also affect the choices and decisions [...]

Giving in brief the contribution of IUV. Taylor and Henry Fayal, show that their work was essential complementary.

Ans. Contributions of F.W. Taylor...,. F.W. Taylor is known as the founder of scientific management. He rested his philosophy on four basic principles (i) The development of a true science of management, so that the best method for performing each task could be determined. (ii) The [...]

There is no more important area of human activities than management, since its task is that of getting things done through other people’. Comment and explain the importance of management.

Ans. The above given definition requires to be expanded as- (i) As -managers, people carryout the managerial functions of Planning  organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. (ii) Management applies to any type of organization. (iii) It applies to managers at all organizational levels. (iv) The goal of all managers [...]

From your personal experience or reading, relate a major change that took place in and organization and what management did to effectively cope with that change ?

Ans. Remploy, the United Kingdom’s top employer of disabled people, owns 82 manufacturing sites making diverse range of products, including car lead rests, school furniture and protective clothing for military and civil use. Top managers set some growth aims - To increase employees from [...]

Are management and administration different ? Discuss various Functions of management comparing with that of administration. Or What are the differences between management and administration ?

Ans. In the study of the management literature, the use of the terms management and administration has been a controversial issue. Some of the writers do not find any difference between the two terms, while there are also some writers who maintain the administration [...]

Explain the idea of ballistic transport, including the various length scales that define different transport regions.

Ans. Conductivity is a bulk parameter, and is derived assuming a large number of electrons and a large number of collisions between electrons and phonons, impurities, imperfections, etc. In particular, if length L of a conduction path is reduced to become much less than [...]