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[Budgeting] Revenue receipts: Direct taxes, Indirect taxes, Gross vs Net taxes, shortfalls in collection

Parts of Budget #1: Direct Taxes Direct taxes under Interim Budget 2014 Income Tax Shortfall in Direct tax collection = #EPICFAIL But Why shortfall in Direct tax collection? #2: Indirect taxes Indirect Taxes in Interim Budget 2014 #I1: Service Tax #I2: Excise Duty: [...]

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[Economy Lecture] Budget 2015: Direct & Indirect Taxes, Public Debt, Fiscal Deficit & FRBM Targets

Prologue L4/P1: Fiscal policy: Direct Taxes & Budget 2015 L4/P2: Indirect Taxes, Subsidies & Capital Part of Budget 2015 L4/P3: Public Debt, Fiscal Deficit & FRBM Act Targets Prologue The economic survey related articles will be published after I’m done reading and researching myself. [...]