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New Four Elements Included in Periodic Table

Four proposed names for the four new elements have been announced by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) which were added in periodic table in January 2016. The nuclear researchers have discovered the element and give those names and symbols. And [...]

[Aptitude] Boats and Streams made-easy using our STD-Table Method

Case#1: Basics Case 2: Time same but Different distance covered in each case Case #3: unknown variables Previous Articles I hope you’ve mastered the STD table method from earlier articles on Time and Work / Pipes and Cistern. We can use that STD method even [...]

[Aptitude] Logical Arrangement : Circular / Round Table

Introduction Circular arrangement Step 1: Draw the diagrams Step 2: Run the Checklist Step 3: Proceed with questions Introduction There are 4 types of ‘Logical-Arrangement’ questions Circular : Sitting In a Round Table Linear : Sitting in rectangular table or row Traits: List of people [...]

[Aptitude] TSD: Average Speed made easy without Formulas (Our Good ol’ STD-Table Method!)

If you’ve mastered the STD table method for Time n Work my previous articles, then Average speed is a piece of cake. Absolutely No need to mugup any formula for average speed. Case 1: Distance covered in two phases Approach #1: Good ol’ STD Table [...]

[Aptitude Q] STD table : Application in train man bridge, time and work problems

Not really an article, just solving some readers’ queries to keep the STD concept refreshed. Case: Train, Man and Bridge Conversion : kmph vs ms Finding length of train Case: Time n Work : A and B Case: Train, Man and Bridge A man is standing [...]

topi triangles

[Trigonometry] Type#2: Table based questions, memorization technique, approach explained for SSC CGL

Introduction Table based Questions Case1: finding value Case2: multiplication chain Case3: finding angle Mock Questions Introduction For SSC CGL trigonometry, there are mainly four types of questions Height and distance: and it has five subtypes. We already saw how to solve them. If you haven’t [...]

[Write2Win] Result of December 2013 competition + Free Notes for Everyone: Iran deal, Critically endangered species ready reference table, Pressure group, IR, Economy, Polity and more

Prologue Constant contributors=separate author page Platinum Category articles The Winners Gold Category Articles Silver Category articles Rejected Download Links Epilogue Prologue First, Happy New Year to all. My best wishes that 2014 brings you all the success in competitive exams that you ever wanted. But [...]

Nigvekar Committee Reforms in civil service Interviews

[Nigvekar] Interview Reforms: Score Table on fixed parameter, Personal Narrative Essay, Softcorner for Rural, Consolation prize for interview failed (Part 4 of 4)

Prologue Interviews: Give soft corner to Rural candidates Every candidate should be interviewed by all boards Declare result on time Remove group B service Consolation prize for Interview failed Interview reform for Physically handicapped SSB like Group Task, Outdoor activities What Nigvekar recommends [...]

chemistry periodic table: metal non-metals

[Revision] Chemistry Part-2: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid, Liquid, Surface tension, Viscosity, Gas Laws, Periodic Table

Prologue Metals vs. Non-metals vs. Metalloid Liquids: Properties Liquids: Vapour Pressure Liquid: Surface Tension Liquids: Viscosity & Laminar flow Gas: Properties Gas Laws Ideal Gas vs. Real gas Periodic Table Mendeleev’s table: Characteristics Block elements Cation vs Anion Possible MCQs Prologue Continuing on…This article [...]