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Map sea of japan or japan sagar

[Diplomacy] Japan Sagar/ East Sea Controversy, and functions of Survey of India

Who is the Surveyor General of India? Functions of Surveyor General of India? Where is Sea of Japan/East Sea? Why Japan Sagar controversy? Arguments: Japan vs S.Korea India’s Stand on Sea of Japan Food for thought Mock Questions Who is the Surveyor General of [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Agriculture challanges, tax to GDP, steps by Government (part 3 of 3)

AGRO and Food Management Agriculture: Problem areas? #1: Land holding #2: Nutritional security #3: Supply Chain  Management Kelkar Tax to GDP ratio? Steps Taken by Government AGRO and Food Management Agro + allied industries Approx. number Share in India’s GDP 14% (2011-12) Share in total employment 58% (2001) The declining [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Investment, Savings, Gold Rush, Inflation Indexed Bonds (Part 2 of 3)

INVESTMENT #1: Tight monetary policy #2: Exports declined #3: Policy bottlenecks #4: investment in Valuables DOMESTIC SAVINGS Decline in share-debentures GOLD RUSH Why do people invest in gold? Gold -Current Account Deficit (CAD) How to stop gold rush? Inflation indexed bonds Mock Questions INVESTMENT [...]

[Economic Survey Ch1] Introduction, GDP FC MC relation (part 1 of 3)

Introduction Why Economic Survey = Boring? Timeframe Link between GDP FC/MC? Why India can’t bounce back easily? Crude oil prices Forex Reserve Mock questions Introduction Finally economic survey is released. For UPSC, economic survey is important, because just like yearbook, this one also provides [...]


[BES16] Economic Survey → BoP→ Gold Monetization Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond, Mauritius-DTAA, Helicopter Money

Prologue BES163-P1: Balance of Payment, Gold Monetization Scheme BES163-P2: Capital Account, FDI, FII, E-Commerce, Mauritius DTAA BES163-P3: Helicopter Money, Rules of Monetary Policy, ECB-framework Prologue Third pillar of Economy- balance of payment and international trade- covering the updates from latest budget and economic survey. [...]


[BES16] Economic Survey → BoP→WTO Nairobi Package, IMF Reforms, P2P Lending, P-Notes KYC Norms

BES163-P4: IMF Reforms 2015-16- Yuan inclusion, Quota review BES163-P5: WTO-Nairobi Summit, Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) BES165-P6: P2P Lending, KYC Norms on P-Notes, Crisis occurring more frequently BES163-P4: IMF Reforms 2015-16- Yuan inclusion, Quota review, Directors’ Appointment brief history and outcomes of the Bretton Woods [...]

Economic survey labour diagram

[Economic Survey Ch2] Demographic Dividend, Employment, Labour reforms, gist of

Demographic Dividend? Why jobs are not created? Problem#1: MSME Problem: Bureaucratic procedures Problem: Infra bottlenecks Problem: Getting finance Problems in Debt (borrow) method Problem in Equity (partnership, IPO, shares) finance Labour laws Case#1: downsizing Case #2: Shifting business Rigid Labour laws: Implications? Pro-Worker [...]

fiscal marksmanship

[Economic Survey Ch3] Fiscal Marksmanship, Tax Buoyancy, 14th Finance Commission

Overview What Is Fiscal Marksmanship? Why Poor Fiscal Marksmanship? Steps taken in Budget 2012-13 #3: GAAR (but delayed) #4: SERVICE TAX: negative approach Issues: Tax Buoyancy Issue: COLLECTION RATES Issue: Non-Tax Revenue Issue: SUBSIDIES Public debt 14th finance commission Background: why finance Commission? [...]

Economy repo rate movement Mrunal.org

[Economic Survey Ch4] Inflation, WPI, CPI, monetary policy, RESIDEX gist of

How to measure inflation? WPI CPI WPI vs CPI difference? GDP deflator Steps taken by Government to curb inflation Via import Via bans / coercive measures Via schemes Via Policy/Act Why Govt could not control inflation? Export bans = uncertainty Export bans [...]

[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Insurance Sector: issues, reforms, Bancassurance, FDI (part 1 of 3)

Introduction Insurance: intro Insurance Penetration Insurance density FDI in insurance Insurance amendment bill 2008 What is Bancassurance? Example of Bankcassurance Bancassurance: pros and cons Chindu’s revival package for insurance sector Chindu’s Budget speech: Insurance Reforms New branches Banks as insurance brokers Claims New [...]

chart finance market

[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Capital Market: External Commercial Borrowing (ECB), AIF, QFI, FII, FDI, FSDC (part 2 of 3)

Financial market Primary market: importance? Reform: ECB What is ECB? Who can borrow? Reforms in ECB? Reform: IDR fungibility What is ADR? What is IDR? IDR: Two way fungibility? Reform: FDI vs FII definition FII inflow increased FII reform? FDI reform? QFI What [...]

comic-iyb economic survey tharu

[Economic Survey Ch5] Financial Intermediaries: Banks, RRBs, NBFCs (Part 3 of 3)

Prologue Banks and interest rates Rural Banking: Background Government’s action Timeline: Banking in rural areas After independence Why RRB? How is RRB different from commercial banks? Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIFD) Financial Inclusion Swabhimaan scheme Ultra Small Branches SHG Bank linkage program Development [...]