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[Freedom Struggle] Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement, Surat Split

Prologue HFS7/P6: Beginning of Indian National Movement & related MCQs in UPSC HFS7/P7: Lord Curzon & Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement & Boycott HFS7/P8: Surat Split & fizzing of Swadeshi movement Prologue Pratik Nayak is back, and in HD. Continuing the history-freedom struggle series [...]


Video recordings of Mock Interviews of Lalit Narayan (Rank 167): BE-Mech, APFC in EPFO-Surat, Pubad Optional

Mock Interview #1 Mock Interview #2 Official UPSC Interview Chairman-Shri Vinay Mittal Member1 Member2 Member3 Member4 Epilogue Mock Interview Video #1 Lalit Narayan (B.E, Mechanical) hails from Ajmer, Rajasthan and has been working as an Assistant provident fund commissioner in EPFO’s Gujarat regional office [...]