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National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination, Democratic state needs a democratic civil society and vice versa Current Affairs 20th July, 2017

National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination Background: The government has recently released a national strategic plan for the elimination of malaria, and pledged to eradicate the vector-borne disease by 2027. How bad the situation is when it comes to vector- borne diseases? In New Delhi, which was [...]

Timeline- India-US  Highs and Lows

[Diplomacy] India-US 4th Strategic Dialogue (part 1 of 3): Defense, Nuclear, Business and Trade

Prologue Why Kerry Visit? Hidden Agendas in 4th Strategic Dialogue Regional forums In Afghanistan In Iran In Africa Defense Security Nuclear Business Summary Prologue This three article series deals with developments in Indo-US relationship during 2012-13, and outcome of 4th Strategic dialogue meeting between Kerry and [...]

3_Mindmap-India-US Space Sci Health

[Diplomacy] India US 4th Strategic Dialogue (part 2 of 3): Science tech, Space, Health care cooperation

Continuing on 2nd part. Here we see recent developments in Indo-US cooperation in sci-tech, space and public health (SSP) India US Cooperation in Science-Tech Information Technology Women Millennium alliance Physics India US Cooperation in Space Research GAGAN IndIGO IRNSS Thirty Meter Telescope India US [...]

India US Environment Energy Education cooperation

[Diplomacy] India-US 4th Strategic Dialogue (part 3 of 3):Education, Environment, Energy cooperation

Third and last part in the series. Indo-US cooperation in Education, Environment and Energy (EEE), with special focus on Kerry’s visit (4th strategic dialogue). Education Data-sharing Fulbright-Nehru Program India’s “Connect India” program In-step initiative Museum Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative Raman Fellowships UGC USA’s “Passport to [...]

Mindmap Modi USA visit

[Modi Diplomacy] Part 3/4: USA Visit- Strategic, Economic, Energy agreements, outcomes

Mind map: India-USA after Modi visit Strategic relations Economy and Trade Environment-Energy Space-Science-public health Overall Sidetopics Modi @Madison Square Modi reform: OIC, PIO, NRI Totalization pact with USA Why Modi did not pledge troops/jets against ISIS? Mock questions   Mind map: India-USA after Modi visit   Strategic [...]

[Essays] February Week2: Equidistant diplomacy, Strategic Autonomy without Military Alliance, Censorship & Moral responsibility

Diplomacy & globalization Democracy & Development Society, Culture, Religion GS4 Diplomacy & globalization Strategic autonomy and no military alliances: the two tenants of India’s foreign policy. India’s growth and development agenda requires Equidistance diplomacy with all major powers of the world. “Terrorism is today [...]

What are the primary steps in the strategic management process?

Ans. Strategic. management is the set of decisions and actions used to formulate and implement strategies that will provide a competitively superior fit between the organization and its environment so as to achieve organizational. Goals. Various steps involved in the strategic management are shown [...]