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satellite communication

[Economy] 2G scam, Spectrum refarming, Sistema controversy, Allocation of Natural Resources explained

What is Spectrum? Method #1: First come First Serve basis Method#2: Auctioning method What happened in 2G scam? A.Raja (Telecom Ministry) CAG estimate: 1.7 lakh crore loss Supreme Court verdict Presidential reference on SC verdict Impact of SC verdict Sistema – Russia Angle [...]

Interim budget

[Economy] Current 2014 Feb Week 1: Fiscal Policy, Spectrum, Subsidies, LPG and Banking Sector (Part 1 of 3)

Prologue [Act I] Government side: Fiscal Policy, Macroeconomics India’s bogus GDP growth rate Fiscal deficit 4.8% target = Mission impossible #6? CAD & gold FATF: Desi Diamonds = Money laundering Interim budget/Vote on Account? [Subsidy] LPG: nau se baara (9 to 12) Kejriwal [...]

Digital India Mission

[Economy Lecture] GS3: Communication & IT Infrastructure: Digital India Mission & Spectrum Auction 2015

Prologue L7/P9: IT infrastructure: Digital India Mission, E-Kranti L7/P10: Communication Infrastructure: Spectrum Auction 2015 Prologue On 5th May 2015, my the session on IT communication infrastructure. Total about 1:15 hours, split into 2 parts. PowerPoint of the lecture, available at mediafire.com/folder/2bb433i58hp2v/General_Studies_Mrunal Medium of instruction- [...]