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Australian Great Barrier Reef Rodent the First Mammal Species Dabbed Out

The first animal species which is driven to extinction by human-induced climate change is Australian Great Barrier Reef rodent or Bramble Cay melomys, it was discovered after researchers in general analysis (searches) has failed to find a single example from its only recognized habitat [...]

[Biodiversity] Meaning and Types of Species+ Mock Questions for CSAT

What is biodiversity? Keystone species Sentinel species: frogs Blue whales Non-native species Vultures and diclofenac What is biodiversity hotspot? Plant biodiversity and Green Revolution Cites: convention on international trade What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity = biological diversity. It means number and variety of plants and animals. [...]


[Environment] Krill-Food chain,Non Native Species, Nisargruna Biogas

In this article, we’ll examine certain key topics that are important for Environment-Biodiversity section in civil service exam. Krill and food chain Hydrocarbon-eating bugs Adipic acid: Nylon Rhino horn powder Non-native/Invasive species: Asian Ladybug New Sperm Freezing method Pollution related Nisargruna biogas technology Biodegradable [...]

[Western Ghats] Threats to Biodiversity, Monoculture Plantation, Exotic Species, Sacred Groves

British Raj Exploitation Era and Approach of exploitation What are Sacred Groves? Fisheries and exotic species Mining in Western Ghats Sand Mafias Thermal power plants Transport and Communication Farm Houses and Resorts Construction and allied activities Monoculture Plantation is Bad? Tribals of Western [...]

[Write2Win] Result of December 2013 competition + Free Notes for Everyone: Iran deal, Critically endangered species ready reference table, Pressure group, IR, Economy, Polity and more

Prologue Constant contributors=separate author page Platinum Category articles The Winners Gold Category Articles Silver Category articles Rejected Download Links Epilogue Prologue First, Happy New Year to all. My best wishes that 2014 brings you all the success in competitive exams that you ever wanted. But [...]

Amur Falcon

[Conservation] Why House Sparrow Population declining? Endangered Bird species of India

House sparrow Population decline Long billed Vultures Lake Kolleru & its bird sanctuary 15 Indian birds globally endangered Amur Falcon Nicobar scrubfowl/Megapod Narcondam Hornbill Mock Questions House sparrow Population decline House sparrows found around the world, except in the Polar Regions. IUCN status: Least [...]

Snowflake Coral

[Current Affairs] Jan Week1: Environment: Snowflake Corals invasive species, PM1 particles; Internal Security-DSC, NSS

Environment Invasive Species: snowflake Coral GS3: Pollution, EIA Science Tech GS2: IT / E-Governance Diplomacy & Internal Security GS3: Patankot Attack GS3: Security forces- DSC and NCC Environment and Biodiversity Invasive Species: snowflake Coral SNOWFLAKE CORAL: INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES Snowflake Coral (Carijoa riisei) is bad because [...]