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CSAT-2016-projection and revision

[Prelim-2016] Is your Revision-ship sailing in the right direction? or just wasting time scavenging “material” from 50 sources?

Prologue Polity: Laxmikanth and Non-Laxmikanth Economy: Easy Questions Economy: Tough Questions- Yearbook type KVIC statements Silk Varieties descending order Should I read Yearbook-2016 now? Environment: NIOS+NCERT is Zindabaad, here’s why Environment: Easy questions direct from NCERT & NIOS Environment: tough MCQs Geography: India [...]

[APFC] Answerkey for APFC 2012, with Explanation, sources and analysis for All 4 series A,B,C,D Booklets

Comments closed, because New Forum created: forum.Mrunal.org To the APFC aspirants, Discussions via webpage comments= difficult, because every time you’ve to scroll down the page. It becomes hard to keep track of comments made by others. Therefore, I’ve created a separate forum, to make it [...]

ancient-brahmi script

[OldNCERT] Ancient India: Sources of History, Paleography, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Archeology

Sources of Ancient History #1: Literary Sources: Puranic Literature Vedic Literature Later Vedic Literature Jain and Buddhist Literature Kautilya’s Arthashastra LIMITATIONS OF INDIAN LITERARY SOURCES Sangam Literature Foreign Accounts Greek Writers Chinese Travelers Arab Historian: Al-Beruni #2: Archaeological Sources Carbon-Dating principle Inscriptions Ashokan [...]

[Ethics] Complaints: sources, types, actions, case studies

Prologue Sources of Complaint From Anonymous/ pseudonymous From Whistleblowers Oral Complaints From Civil Society From Media Reports Classifying the complaint types #1: Vigilance Angle #2: Administrative Angle #3: Criminal Angle Case studies Prologue In the previous article we checked conduct rules: meaning, examples, case [...]