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Junction Field Effect Transistors. Source Follower Amplifier

Junction Field Effect Transistors. Source Follower Amplifier As mentioned in Lecture 16, there are two major families of transistors. We’ve worked with BJTs in the past few lectures. The second transistor type we will consider is the field effect transistor (FET). In the NorCal 40A, [...]

Common Source Amplifier with Source Degeneration

Common Source Amplifier with Source Degeneration. The small-signal amplification performance of the CS amplifier discussed in the previous lecture can be improved by including a series resistance in the source circuit. (This is very similar – if not identical – to the effect of adding [...]

Common Source Amplifier

Common Source Amplifier. We’ve studied MOSFET small-signal equivalent models and the biasing of MOSFET amplifiers in the previous three lectures. We’ll now apply those skills by looking closely at three basic MOSFET amplifier types: 1. Common source amplifiers, including configurations with a source resistor (called source [...]

Shale Gas Deposit-Diagram

[Environment] Shale Gas: Advantages and limitations as an Energy source

What is Shale Gas? What’re its Advantages? What’re its limitations? What is Shale Gas? Shale gas is natural gas formed from being trapped within shale formations. Shale gas—an “unconventional” source of methane, like coal-bed gas (in coal seams) and tight gas (trapped in rock [...]