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[Polity] Assam Riots and Bodo Accord : History, Reasons, Problems, Solutions

What is Bodoland Territorial Council ? Timeline of Events How did the Kokrajhar riots start? Why situation out of control? Why resentment in the communities? What’s the problem in Bodo Accord? What is the solution? What is Bodoland Territorial Council ? 2003: Bodo militants [...]

[Economy] Electricity generation in India: Grid failure, privatization, problems, reasons, solutions and more

Electricity Scenario: India Problem with hydro power Coal Based Electricity Generation What was the reason behind grid failure? What is an electrical grid? Components of a grid When does a grid collapse? Penalty for Grid violation What is the network in India like? [...]

Map India Landslide Earthquake prone areas

[Environment] Landslides in Himalayas: Reasons, Solutions

Classification of Himalayas Hazards in the Himalayan Eco-System Regions and disasters Landslides: Reasons Landslides: Damage Suggestions to fix problem E1: Avalanche Mitigation Classification of Himalayas Three main geological divisions of India. Himalayas, also known as the Extra-Peninsula Indo-Gangetic Plains Peninsula Further, Himalayas classified via two methods: Method [...]

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[Troubleshoot] Site Theme/Layout problems & solutions- just clear temp cache files in your browser (+SSC extends deadline for CGL 2014 Applications)

IMPORANT: SSC CGL has extended the last date to apply (22nd Feb for part 1 online). #1: Green bar/logo on left sidebar= can’t read text from article #2: font size is ridiculously small #3: Cannot see sidebar of “Job application/last date to apply” #4: [...]