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solar cooperative Gujarat

[Environment] Solar Cooperative Farms, Occupational Diseases, Earth Wobbling, Bangladeshi Wheat Blast & More

Clean Energy related Energy: Solar cooperative farms Energy: Hydel Agriculture and Food Bread Carcinogens Wheat Blast Flora Fauna Marine Biodiversity Earth, Climate Change, Disasters Mains GS3: Pollution Salt Pan workers &Law commission Silicosis and Supreme Court Science Technology Resuable space shuttle Atomic Force [...]

Portable Alternative Analytical Technology (PAAT)

[Sci-Tech] Dept.’s Annual Report summary(Part1 of 4): Agro, Environment, Solar and Water related projects, inventions, research

Prologue Agri / Dairy related Potash from Sea Water Banana Stem for Paper Making Non-Edible Oils (NEO).  Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) related FLY ASH UNIT Bamboo Mission Misc. Solar/ Energy related Drinking Water related Prologue I’m running the Summary of Department of Science and Technology [...]

Millenium Development goals MDG

[Economic Survey] Ch12: Sustainable Development, Millennium Development Goals, MDG, SDG, NAPCC, WTO Solar subsidies

[Act 1] MDG, SDG, Kyoto Agreements #1: Millennium Development goals (MDG) MDG & India Budget 2014 on sustainable Development #2: Sustainable Development goals (SDG) #3: Kyoto and WARSAW #4: Fodder: Future agreements #5: Fodder: Emission cuts vs India [Act 2] Climate funding CF#1: [...]

Floating Solar plant

[Energy] DeenDayal GramJyoti, National LED-Program, Synthetic Gas, Floating Solar plants, Agnisumukh LPG

Deendayal Upadhyaya GramJyoti Yojana LED Schemes under Modi-raj Theory CFL vs LED vs Bulb lights? #1: National Program for LED streetlights & home lights #2: DELP: Delhi-wallo LED lelo Yojana Floating solar powerplant Synthetic Gas & CNR Rao Agnisumukh LPG stove Direct sale [...]

Indianexpress infographics- SECC & NSS statistics differ

[Current Note] Jul-23-2015: Kharak Singh’s right to privacy, Lothal & Sagarmala, EPFO 75% Cap, PFRDA allows NRIs, ITBP Teaches Mandarin, MNRE gives solar-subsidy & More

Polity & Law Economy and infrastructure Diplomacy Science & Environment Person in News Mock Questions for Prelims Polity & Law 1962: SC judgment in Kharak Singh case: privacy not a fundamental right. 2013: SC says Government can’t deny scheme-benefit to anyone if he/she doesn’t [...]