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Gender as growth driver, Keeping the soil healthy is a challenge Current Affairs 28th July, 2017

Gender as growth driver Introduction: Empowering women to engage in productive employment is critical to achieving not only this SDG but is also pivotal to economic growth, poverty eradication, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and attaining universal primary education. Economic crises affect women more than men: [...]

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[Geography Lecture] Land Use pattern, Soil Types, Desertification, Erosion, Soil Conversation, Indian Agriculture

Prologue G8/P1: Soil profile, erosion, conservation, salinity, desertification G8/P2: Soils of India G8/P3: Indian Agriculture and industries Part1 Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at Sardar Patel institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad. On 23rd March, continuation of the Indian geography [...]