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National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination, Democratic state needs a democratic civil society and vice versa Current Affairs 20th July, 2017

National Strategic Plan for Malaria Elimination Background: The government has recently released a national strategic plan for the elimination of malaria, and pledged to eradicate the vector-borne disease by 2027. How bad the situation is when it comes to vector- borne diseases? In New Delhi, which was [...]

Making India a Knowledge Society in 21st Century

AIR debate – Making India a Knowledge Society in 21st Century   Prime minister Modi emphasised that 21st century must be knowledge society he said this at a graduation ceremony in J and K. With over 800 million youths below the age of 30, the emphasis [...]

industrial revolution in England

[Old NCERT World History Ch7] Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Their Effect on Society, Rise of Trade Unions & Socialism

Prologue Introduction to Chapter Capitalism Capitalism and Colonization Industrial Revolution Factory System Why Industrial Revolution started in England? Textile Industry: The revolution Powerloom Cotton Gin Steam Engine Blast Furnace TRANSPORT Revolution Postal Revolution Agriculture Revolution Industrial Revolution in Other Countries Tariff barriers Race4raw [...]

[Land Reforms] Overall Achievements, Impact on Indian society & Reasons for failure

Land Reforms: Overall Negative Jurisdiction Outdated Land records Problem in North East Lack of budgetary $upport Bureaucratic apathy Lack of Votebank Powerless Panchyat Lack of Civil Society/NGO action The Naxal Angle: Appu Land reforms: Overall Positive Land Reforms: Overall Negative In the previous articles, we [...]

[Land Reforms] Land Satyagraha & other Civil Society movements in India during 70s and 80s

Great Land Struggle, 1970s Land for Tillers Freedom (LAFTI), Tamil Nadu, 80s Land Satyagraha, Chattisgarh, late 80s Great Land Struggle, 1970s WHEN 1970s WHO? Bhartiya Khet Mazdoor Union, All India Kisan Sabha and Communist Party of India Nearly 15 lakh agricultural workers, poor peasants, the tribals, workers [...]

[Essays] November Week2: Nehru legacy, knowledge society, age of discontinuity (only Topiclists)

Nehru related Indian Society, Culture & women Globalization Education, Science, Religion Want to participate? Nehru related Has India fulfilled Nehru’s vision of a liberal, democratic and united nation? What is the Nehruvian legacy? (this column in hindu) Nehru- the man who read history, wrote [...]

[Essays] February Week1: Censorship of Ideas, Acts of Kindness, Childhood to Adulthood, consciously secular society

Democracy-Development Society-Religion Globalization, IR GS4: Ethics Write essays on following topics in 1500 words each Democracy-Development Republic is a Government of laws, not of men. (Gerald Ford) Indian Constitution is secular, with or without any words in Preamble (Justice VN Khare). Can Democracy and free [...]

Human Values Role of Family, Society

[Ethics] E1/P3: Human Values-Role of Family, Society, Educational Institutes; Ethics in Public & Private relations

Values Value vs. Belief Classification of Values Human Values Role of Family Role of Society Role of Educational institutes Role of Teachers Role of education Value education: desirable? Private relations vs. Public Relations? Separation of Public & Private life? Family man = Responsible [...]