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Hyperglobalisation and period after, Social Audit Current Affairs 18th July, 2017

Hyperglobalisation and period after Introduction: The post-World War II period witnessed a rapid rise in trade between nations. By the end of the 1980s and early 1990s, global trade integration had reverted to levels last seen before World War I. Term ‘Hyperglobalisation’ is used by the Economists to describe [...]

Lynching/Mob violence: Article 21 at stake, Artificial Intelligence: Solving human and social development challenges Current Affairs 5th July, 2017

Lynching/Mob violence: Article 21 at stake Background: Over the past two years or so we have seen a rising tide of violence, mainly in northern India, against Dalits and Muslims. This has revolved around the treatment of the cow. Indians have been physically attacked by rampaging [...]

[EPFO] Enforcement Officer- Hall ticket, Car pooling & FREE Study Material for social security, Industrial Laws, Accounting principles, computer & More!

Download Admit Card free study material EPFO enforcement officer: following material: either purchase or refer in library (then it’s free!) Ignore geography Carpooling, room sharing for EPFO Enforcement officer exam Download Admit Card UPSC has uploaded the admit card Recruitment Test for recruitment to [...]

social security in Constitution-of-india

[Economy] Social Security: Meaning and Laws in India

What is Social Security? History of Social security Social Security in India Social Security: Constitutional Provisions Concurrent List Part IV Directive Principles of State Policy Difference between Organized and Unorganized Sectors SOCIAL SECURITY LAWS in India Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948 (ESI Act) [...]

[Economy] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Meaning, provision in Companies Bill 2012

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Examples of CSR? Why CSR? Methods of CSR? Companies Bill 2012 Who is covered? Provision? Punishment? CSR: Pro-Arguments CSR: Anti-Arguments What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Corporate social responsibility. Activities done by a company to give social-economic-environmental benefits to the [...]

[Download] RBI Mains 2014-Paper 2: Economy and Social Issues

Instructions List of Questions Instructions 100 marks 3 hours. Exam taken in September 2014 Answer any five questions. In case the candidate answered more than five questions, only the first five answers will be evaluated and the rest of the answers will be ignored. [...]

[Essays] October Week1: Colonization, Gandhiism, Volunteerism, Personification, Social Transformation

Write an essay on any one of the following topics, in not more than 2500 words. (250 marks) Democracy, Extremism Society, Rights issues Gandhi Sanitation Education Democracy, Extremism Indian Subcontinent benefited more than it lost from the British Colonization. (Ref This IE column) Entrepreneurship, civil [...]


[Download] UPSC Mains-2014: GS1- Culture, History, Geography and Social issues

Analysis Instructions Culture (40m) Indian History (30m) World History (30m) Social issues (50m) Geography (100m) Industrial Location (30m) Physical Geography (20m) Climatology (30m) Resource distribution (20m) Mains-2014 GS1 Question Paper: Linear format Bogus Marketing Propaganda Analysis of Mains-2014 GS1 Paper Word limit reduced but [...]

[Essays] December Week1: Social suffocation, true Sovereignty, Arc of revanchist states

Diplomacy & Globalization Democracy, Development & Society Science, Religion & Misc. Ethics/ Mains General Studies paper 4 Write an essay on following topics in 1200-1500 words each in 3 hours. Diplomacy & Globalization “If the basics of a just world economic order are absent, a [...]

(1)Thiruvalluvar (2) Chennaiah (3) Iyodhee Pandithar (4) Ayyankali (5) Subramanya Bharathi

[Social Reformers of South] Thiruvalluvar, Chennaiah, Iyodhee Pandithar, Ayyankali, Subramanya Bharathi

Thiruvalluvar (30 BC) T.Chennaiah (1912-1985) C. Iyodhee Thass Pandithar (1845-1914) Ayyankali (1863-1941) Chinnaswami Subramanya Bharathi (1882-1921) Mock Questions Thiruvalluvar (30 BC) Tiruvallaur was a Tamil weaver by profession and Poet-Saint-Philosopher by heart. He wrote “Tirukkural (Sacred Couplets)” on human thoughts and ethics. It is [...]

Beijing Declaration & Beijing+20 Review Meeting

[Rights Issues] Beijing+20 Review Meeting, Gender Equality, India’s stand-Caste vs Social origin

1995: Beijing Declaration & Platform for Action The 12 Key areas of Beijing Declaration What happened after Beijing 1995? 2014: Beijing+20 review meeting for Asia-Pacific India’s stand at Beijing+20 Asia-Pacific meeting Mock Questions 1995: Beijing Declaration & Platform for Action Since 1975, United Nations [...]

[Essays] January Week2: competitive vs. cooperative federalism, God above all gods, Suicide- a social shame

Democracy, Development Globalization Society, Culture GS4- Ethics Democracy, Development The simultaneous need of competitive federalism and cooperative federalism. (Modi says both necessary.) Humour and freedom of expression: two important markers of a healthy democracy. (Context: protests against PK movie and attack on French magazine [...]