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[World History] French Revolution: Causes, Events, Outcomes, Significance; Napoleon Bonaparte- Rise, Reforms & Fall

Prologue WHFr/P1: French Revolution: Political Causes, Divine right theory, Louis XVI WHFr/P2: French Revolution: Socio-Economic & Cultural causes WHFr/P3: French Revolution: Events, National Assembly, Bread Riots WHFr/P4: French Revolution: Outcomes, Impact, Significance WHFr/P5: French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte- rise, reforms & fall Prologue In past [...]

[Diplomacy] JIMEX 12: Indo-Japan Joint Naval Exercise : Meaning Significance

What is JIMEX 12? activities in JIMEX 12 Naval Exercise? What is the importance of Indo-Japan Naval Exercise? Why Joint Naval Exercises? Move against China’s pearl string? What is JIMEX 12? It is the first joint exercise ever between the two navies of India [...]

[Yearbook] National Organ Transplant Programme (NOTP), India Organ Donor Register: Meaning, Significance

Organ Transplant in India: The Present Situation What is the solution? What is National Organ Transplantation Programme (NOTP) ? Side Question: What are immunosuppressant Drugs? What is Indian Organ Donor Register? Why is NOTP in News? Why this budget cut in NOTP? Organ Transplant [...]

[Diplomacy] TAPI Gas pipeline : Meaning, Importance, Significance for India and its neighbours

What is TAPI Pipeline? Route of this piepline What does Turkmenistan gain from this? What does Pakistan Gain? What does Afghanistan Gain? What is in for India? What’re the Obstacles to TAPI pipeline What is the Response of the US to TAPI project? Another [...]

[Science] Higgs Boson Particle, CERN : Meaning, significance

What is Standard model? What is Higgs Boson particle? Big Bang and universe Formation What is CERN? How do they find God particle? Why waste money on a stupid experiment? Who is Bose? What is Standard model? The standard model is a theory of [...]

[Polity] Amicus Curiae: Meaning, Significance

What is Amicus Curiae? #1 Helping in PIL #2 Doing Investigation #3 Defending the accused What is Amicus Curiae? In simple language, “amicus curiae” means “friend of the court”. Amicus Curaie is required in following situations #1 Helping in PIL In many high-profile PILs, the [...]

[Diplomacy] Connect Central Asia Policy: Meaning, Features, Significance for India

What is Central Asia? Why is Central Asia important for India? India’s problem in Central Asia? What has China done in Central Asia? What is Connect Central Asia Policy? Meet and Greet Fire and kill Trade and Prosper Teach and Heal Fly and [...]

food processing industry sector growth potential India

[Food Processing] Introduction, Scope, Significance, Awesomeness (hardly), Obstacles (truckload of) for GS Mains

Prologue Indian food processing industry: Significance Increasing Employment Curbing Migration Curbing Food Inflation Crop-diversification Scope/Potential Abundant Raw Material Geographical advantages New Demand Government Initiatives Obstacles to food processing? Economies of scale Lack of organized retail Lack of Food testing facilities Lack of Skilled [...]

What factors affect the productivity of labour? Explain the significance of productivity in India.

Ans- Factors Affecting Productivity of Labour- Following factors influence the productivity of labour- (i) Racial Qualities- Racial blood of a worker is said to influence his efficiency. For example, workers from Punjab and Haryana can do any kind of physical work efficiently and are hard [...]

What is the significance of break-even point ?

Ans. The significance of break-even point and Break-even analysis can be understood from the following points - (i) By finding out the break-even point, the Break-even analysis helps in establishing the point where from the firm can start payment of dividend to its share-holders. (ii) It [...]

Write down the significance of managerial economics. Or Write short note on managerial economics as a decision making tool.

Ans. Management is concerned with decision-making, and decision-making requires a balance between simplification of analysis to be manageable and complications for handling a variety of factors and objectives. Furthermore, it also requires common sense and good judgment. Therefore, managerial economics is helpful in decision-making process [...]

Discuss clearly the significance of management from the point of view of modern business operations.

Ans. In modern. organizations, there is no substitute for management. In the words of Peter F. Drucker, "Management is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. Without it, the resources of production remain resources and never become production." An organization may have r.aw materials, machines, human [...]