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[Aptitude] Time n Distance: Early and late to office (shortcut using product consistency method) for SSC, IBPS, CSAT, CAT, CMAT

Case : Early Late Approach #1: Product consistency Approach #2 (STD Table) Case #2: Tappu’s school Approach #1: Product consistency Approach #2 (STD Table) Case: Pinku’s college (total time given) Mock Questions Answer and explanation Before proceeding further, make sure your concept regarding “product-consistency [...]

[Aptitude] Averages: Entry / Removal of 1 element => Increase / Decrease in Average Shortcut method explained

Situation: Entry of Element-Increase in Avg Case: Avg age of Students + Teacher Approach #1: convert into money problem Approach #2: Formula method Case: Avg salary workers+manager Case: Avg weight students+teachers Case: original average not given Situation: Entry of 1 element – Decrease [...]

[Aptitude] Averages: More than two elements added / removed : shortcut technique explained

In the previous article, we saw how to approach the concepts for “Averages-> Entry/removal of One element”. (click me) Now extending that concept for Entry/removal of multiple elements. Situation: Removing 2 Elements Case: highest score in (40/38) innings? (SSC CGL) Case: Highest marks in [...]

Trigonometry Height & Distance- type of questions

[Trigonometry] Introduction, Types of Questions, Shortcut for memorizing 30,45,60 for SSC CGL CDS

Introduction Types of Trigonometry Questions Trig: Height and Distance Introduction From outside, trigonometry may look lengthy, boring, difficult, tedious and frustrating. But it doesn’t change the fact that trigonometry as a topic important for SSC exams (CGL, FCI, CPIO etc.) and CDS exam (Combined [...]