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[Science] Answerkey for Mock Questions set by Tushar (Science & Tech Portion only)

Few days, I had uploaded the Mock Questions for GS Paper II framed by Tushar. (Click ME) He has provided the answerkeykey for mock questions for “Science & Tech” portion of that question paper. Here it goes, Modified Embaraer EMB 145I aircraft. Accelerated Technology Assessment [...]

[Yearbook] Cable Digitization, DAS vs DTH (Direct-to Home), Set-top Box, TRAI order

What is the problem with 90s Cable TV system? TRAI: Cable digitalization Difference: DAS vs DTH? What is set top box (STB)? Why Jayalalitha is unhappy? In the 90s era, the TV channels were sent in analog and unencrypted form. You local Cable [...]

Write short note on carbon nanotube transistor. Or Describe carbon nanotube FETand SET structure

Ans. Particularly, one would like to have a certain nanotube (semiwnducting, of a specified radius) placed in some desired location in order to form a practical device. And, one would like to be able to do this reliably, millions of times, which can not [...]