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Mock Interview Questions for UPSC IAS/IPS Civil Service Exam 2017 and : Tenure of VP, RPA-PCA-Sasikala, Judicial Overreach, Campaign Manager

Prologue Vice President as President? Governor’s Power Campaign manager Election Commission related Freedom of Expression Judicial overreach Polity: Sasikala, RPA, PCA Prologue Like any other daily wage laborer, I find seasonal employment as mock interview panelist after declaration of UPSC Civil Services Mains result. [...]

[Forest Service Toppper] Prem Kumar R (Rank-70/IFS-2015) 1st Attempt, Forestry, Geology; Anna University, Tamilnadu

Candidate Profile Education Introduction Electronic Vs Paper material Tempo and style Working professional Prelims (CSAT) General studies Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude Prelim accuracy Mains Optional Subject Before the interview During the interview PHYSICAL TEST IFS-2015 Marksheet Career Backup Views on UPSC reforms Insecurity about [...]


Creative Guidance – Attitude of Service – Inspirational & Educative Articles

  Attitude of Service   There are innumerable ways, in which one can make a living, but there is only one way to experience the depth of life to know what it can offer; it is by cultivating an attitude of service. There is nothing out there [...]

[Quote Book 2010] For Civil Service Aspirants- Time Management, Study tips, Failure and more

How to prepare for this Exam? How to Study Strong Determination Time management, Excuses, Excuses Jealousy & Hatred Failure in Prelims / Mains / Interview For History people While writing Essay remember [Quote Book 2010] For Civil Service Aspirants- Time Management, Study tips, Failure [...]

[Strategy] Telugu Literature Optional for UPSC Civil service Exam

Telugu Literature: Introduction Tips for Paper1 Tips for Paper2 How to handle long Answers: How to handle yakhyanas: Telugu Syllabus for Mains 2014 Telugu Literature: Introduction Telugu Literature is a popular optional for all the aspirants who are well-versed in this language. That does [...]

[Strategy] Zoology Optional for UPSC Civil service Mains Exam

Tips for Zoology Paper I Tips for Zoology Paper I Booklist for Zoology Optional Syllabus for Zoology in UPSC civil service Exam It’s better to keep answers diagrammatic and less verbose. Students should also not hesitate in drawing colour diagrams. Tips for Zoology Paper I Section A Non-chordata [...]

[Never-ending GS Syllabus] and your chances of success in civil service exam

Written for those who feel stressed about General studies and their chances of success in civil service exam, We’ve 5 category of players for each topic- Let us take a topic for example: Geography: earthquake, tsunami and volcano.   JBPS no0b guy /Lord Curzon: He doesn’t know the difference [...]

[Analysis] Essay topic trends in last 19 years (1993-2011) for UPSC civil service IAS exam

Trouble viewing the charts and tables?  Download the pdf file by clicking meI’m classifying all the essays asked in last 19 years, into 8 broad topics. Topic [bracket shows # of questions asked so far] 1.    Economy (India vs Bharat theme) [12]2.    Education [11]3.    Culture [18]4.    International [...]

[Strategy & Inspiration] How Visually Challenged Candidates prepare for UPSC Civil Service Exam

I had asked Mr.Balanagendran  to write an article on how visually challenged candidates prepare for the civil service exam. It is my personal requests to all readers- please DO read the two paragraphs titled Free Training for Softwares Barriers to Preparation: The Cost Factor And [...]

Anthropology topper

[Strategy] Anthropology Study-plan and Booklist by Dr.Vijay (IAS) for UPSC Civil Service (Mains) Exam

This article, is a compilation of gems given by Dr. K.Vijayakarthikeyan (AIR 22 / CSE 2010) on the IOforum. At present, He is an IAS officer in Tamilnadu cadre. Disclaimer Advantages of anthropology Getting started with Anthropology Preparation of anthropology (mains) Useful books About [...]

Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)

Question from a reader It is mentioned in the advertisement for Civil Services that a candidate has to be fit as mentioned in “Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary” .I have tried a lot but I [...]

[Yearbook] Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)

What is it? What are the activities undertaken? Resources- where from? Timeline Why is it news? What is Universal Service Obligation Fund? There is a ‘Universal’ associated so obviously this must be one amongst the inclusive development strategies of the government. Here the idea [...]