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[Economy] Land Acquisition bill 2011 : Salient Features, Pro Con analysis

Land acquisition topic is very important for almost all competitive exams of India starting from UPSC, State PSC, CPF, APFC, Bank and MBA Group Discussion / Interviews. What is Land Acquisition? How is this process governed? Land is a state subject then how can [...]

[Yearbook] Information and Technology Act: Salient Features and Provisions

Introduction Timeline of Events Why was IT Act 2000 amended in 2008? Data privacy Definitions What is the punishment for cyber crimes? Who can conduct RAIDS AND INVESTIGATION for Cybercrimes? About the Author This is a guest article written by Mr.Krapesh Bhatt, an IT [...]

Mohan Public Procurement

[Polity] Public Procurement Bill 2012: Meaning, Salient Features, explained

Topic particularly important for UPSC Mains examination- Public Administration Paper I ->5th Topic : Accountability and control. What is Public Procurement? What is the problem in Public Procurement system? Where does the bill apply? Where does the bill not apply? Salient Features / Provisions [...]

[Polity] Chhattisgarh Food Security Bill 2012: Salient Features

Who is not covered? Who gets benefit? Arguments: Chhattisgarh Food Security bill National Food Security Bill fiasco =Direct Cash transfer? #1: Fiscal Deficit #2: Identification of Beneficiaries #3: lack Manpower and Administrative machinary Some Food Quotes for thought Who is not covered? Following families have [...]

Citizens Charter

[Polity] Citizens’ Charter Bill 2011: Salient Features, Issues, Criticism explained

What is a Citizens’ charter? Components of a Citizens’ Charter: Advantages of Citizen charter? Indian Experience Recommendations of 2nd ARC: Citizens’ Charter Bill 2011: Salient Features Grievance Redressal Mechanism: Penalty Criticism Mock Questions Citizens’ Charter & The Right of Citizens’ For Time Bound Delivery [...]

[Policy] Science Technology & Innovation (STI) Policy 2013: Salient features, highlights, criticism

Timeline SRISHTI Key features of the STI policy 2013 #1: Cash power #2: Manpower #3: Business #4: Climate change #5: PPP #6: IPR #7: Participation #8: Public awareness Criticism #1: private sector =no social good #2: Indian private sector is lazy in research [...]

Land Ceiling in India how to avoid

[Land Ceiling] Phase 1: Since Independence to 1974 in India, Salient Features, Limitations, Failures

Ceiling Phase 1: Freedom to 1972 Salient Features Limitations/Failures of Land Ceiling (‘47-‘72) Negative#1: No redistribution Negative#2: Family vs Individual Negative#3: Land ceilings too high Negative#4: Exempted land categories Negative#5: Delay in Law Making Negative#6: History repeats Ceiling Phase 1: Freedom to 1972 1946 (just before [...]

Tenant farmers

[Land Reforms] Tenancy Reform, Tenancy protection Acts in India: salient features

Prologue Land Reform Tool #3: Tenancy Reforms Element1: Landowner’s right to lease Element2: Landowner’s right to Personal Cultivation Element3: Tenant’s right against eviction & high rent Element4: Tenant’s right to surrender Element5: Tenant’s Right to ownership Misc. rights to Tenants Prologue in the previous articles, [...]

Cover Companies Act 2013

[Economy] Companies Act 2013: Salient features, types of Companies, public ltd. vs private ltd, Independent Directors, SFIO, SEBI Corporate governance norms

Prologue What is corporate governance Type of companies Holding, Subsidiary and Associate companies Board of Directors Independent directors (ID) SEBI norms: Independent directors Board meetings- duration and quorum BoD: Committee Annual General Meeting (AGM) Audit related provisions Audit Committee External Auditors terms and [...]

National food security Act salient features

Food Security Act: Salient features, Benefits, Entitlements, grievances redressal system & criticism

Prologue National Food security Act Prices and Entitlements under NFSA Grievance Redressal Mechanism: Deadlines under Food security Act Implementation in States/UT Targeted PDS system reformed Limitation of NFSA: Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 8: Agriculture and Food Management. SIX subparts: Fertilizer subsidy & schemes, Budget-2014 announcement [...]

Inflation indexed Bonds IIB explained

[Economy] Inflation Indexed Bonds IIB, IINSS-C: Salient Features, real interest rate, nominal interest rate

Prologue Nominal vs Real interest rate Inflation index bonds: Salient Features IIB: How do they protect against inflation? IIB: principal also protected Prologue Economic Survey Chapter 4: Prices and Monetary Management. FIVE subparts Inflation indexed bonds measures of money supply: M0, M1, M2, M3, M4, [...]