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Breach of Privilege-It’s time to codify the rules, Current Affairs 29th June, 2017

Breach of Privilege-It’s time to codify the rules In news: On June 21, the Karnataka assembly Speaker ordered the imprisonment of two journalists for a year based on recommendations in two separate reports of its privilege committees. The order has drawn widespread criticism as an effort [...]

[Strategy] Five Rules: How to prepare for UPSC without leaving job?

Rule #2: You’ve to stop feeling guilty about it Rule #3: You’ve to study in minutes, not in hours Rule #4: “Net-surfing” doesn’t equal to “studying” Rule #5: You’ve to do “follow up” instantly Rule #1: Rule #2: You’ve to stop feeling guilty about [...]

[Economy] General Anti-Avodiance Rules (GAAR): Meaning, Pros, Cons, Implications, Explained

Drafting of the DTC Bill Rules of GAAR Burden of Proof Parliament of India (August 2009) Review by Standing Committee Pro and Anti GAAR viewpoints Summery Epilogue Location: Ministry of Finance, Delhi (2008) Why government wants to extract maximum revenue? Pranab Ok, This year we need to [...]

Medical Checkup rules about UPSC Civil Service Exam (Gazette of India Extraordinary)

Question from a reader It is mentioned in the advertisement for Civil Services that a candidate has to be fit as mentioned in “Appendix-III of Rules for Civil Services Preliminary Examination published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary” .I have tried a lot but I [...]

[Strategy] Comprehension for CSAT Paper 2: Rules, tips, assumption, inference, free practice material (500+ passages!)

Rule #1: Remove the garbage Rule #2: Leave Nothing for later Rule #3: Don’t push your luck Rule #4: Verify every option CSAT: P2: 2011 vs 2012 English language test Assumption / Inference? Assumption? Inference? Practice: (500 passages ready for download!) Booklist for [...]

[Ethics] Conduct rules: Meaning, implication, examples, misconduct vs.crime and case studies

Prologue Conduct rules Difference: Court vs Departmental Proceedings Conduct rules: Examples #1: Conduct Rules4 Office Life #2: Conduct Rules4 Public Life #3: Conduct rules4 Financial Life #4: Conduct Rules4 Personal life Cases studies Seeking written order when unnecessary Disobeying written order where necessary [...]

Lokpal selection rule

[Bodies] Lokpal Selection Rules No. 10, Search Committee, Selection Committee, SC verdict

What is the Relevance of this issue with UPSC Mains exam? (GS2): Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicial bodies (GS2): transparency and accountability (GS4): challenges of corruption Timeline / Sequence of events December 2013: Lokpal and Lokayukta act passed. Lokpal will consist of one chairman Four [...]

NPPA drug price control explained

[Public Health] NPPA, Drug Price control, Sravan Implant, Cigarette packing rules update

Prologue NPPA: National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority Drug pricing controversy Scene 1: NPPA price controls begins (Dec 2013) Scene 2: NPPA tries to go beyond its mandate Scene 3: NPPA humiliated* Behind the curtains Sravan implant Cigar-Labelling Prologue Current affairs related to public health, during September [...]