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RBI Monetary policy rates Aug 2014

[Economic Survey] Ch4: Monetary Policy Trends, Reforms, RBI Restructuring program

Prologue Why RBI’s monetary policy fails to control inflation? Urjit Patel: reforms in monetary policy Rajan Reforms in Monetary policy Monetary Policy Trend 2013 Monetary Policy trend Jan 2014 onwards Why Rajan decreased SLR? Rajan Wisdom during press conference RBI restructuring Existing departments [...]

PDS leakages are unacceptably high in India

[GS3] Shanta Kumar report on FCI-restructuring, Buffer stock, PDS & Food security & Direct Benefit Transfer

What is Food security? Origin of FCI Timeline of Food management in India Disturbing Numbers: FCI and Food Mismanagement Shanta Kumar Committee on FCI restructuring #1: Outsource procurement to State Governments #2: Procurement Payment reforms #3: Buffer stock reforms #4: Storage reforms #5: [...]