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New Rules on Antibiotic Resistance by WHO Current Affairs 19th June, 2017

New Rules on Antibiotic Resistance by WHO Introduction: In an effort to curb antibiotic resistance, the World Health Organization (WHO) has divided the drugs into three categories — access, watch and reserve — specifying which are to be used for common ailments and which are to [...]

Anti Microbial Resistance, The Joint doctrine of the Indian armed forces, Current Affairs 8th May, 2017

Anti Microbial Resistance Introduction India is severely affected by anti microbial resistance and this has increased the burden of diseases. It is important for the government to initiate several measures from creating awareness to policies that shall be instrumental to address the same. Chennai Declaration: “The Chennai [...]

[Diplomacy] Joseph Koni, Lord’s Resistance Army, Uganda Child Soldiers

Lord’s Resistance Army Timeline Joseph Koni and his atrocities Kony 2012 – Viral Campaign on Youtube Lord’s Resistance Army The Lord’s Resistance Army is a rebel group led by leader Joseph Kony. The group originated in Northern Uganda as a movement to fight for [...]

World History timeline-ww2

[Old NCERT World History ch12] (Part 2 of 2): Second World War, events, battles, resistance movements

THE SECOND WORLD WAR The Invasion of Poland Conquest of Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France The Battle of Britain German Invasion of Soviet Union Pearl Harbour: Entry of USA The Battle of Stalingrad The ‘Second Front’ End of the War in Europe [...]

Write down the original of the quantum resistance.

Ans. There is generally no scattering along the conduction path, since L << Lm, Lϕ and we might have expected that the resistance of the “channel would be zero that mean infinite channel conductance. In ballistic transport model, there are no collisions and interactions, [...]

Derive the formula for quantum resistance and conductance in ballistic transport.

Ans. To characterize ballistic transport, we need to determine the resistance of the channel. We assume that a potential V is applied across the two reservoirs in fig. 4.4, positive on the left side, driving a current in the wire. The Fermi energy in [...]

Define the classical resistance and conductance.

Ans. Resistance is defined in electrical circuit theory by Ohm's law i.e.,                                                                           …(i) where, V is the voltage across a circuit element and I is the resulting current that flows through the element. In general, considering two arbitrarily shaped conductors immersed in a conducting medium characterized [...]