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[Answerkey] Environment, Polity & IT-Computer related MCQs in UGC-NET/JRF Exam 2017, with explanation & FREE Study Material

Environment: exam trend and future strategy for UGC NET International treaties / commitments Gaseous Pollutants Disasters and diseases Polity: Paper trend and future strategy for UGC/NET-JRF exams Parliament Emergency Judiciary Computer / ICT in UGC-JRF/NET exam Binary conversion Hardware Software  Web / Internet Environment: [...]

[Science] PREDICCS, LCROSS, HXMT, Life on Mars (Space related S&T from Hindu Sept-Oct-2012)

Life on Mars NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) PREDICCS LCROSS Hard x-ray modulation telescope (HXMT) Zero Gravity effect Life on Mars Why life is possible on Earth but not on mars: some reasons Our moon is of the right size, able to control the spinning [...]

black beauty

[Hindu Sci-Tech] Space, IT related: KSLV, Luna Glob, Black Beauty, COMET, SKA, SAGA-220 (Jan, Feb 2013)

Telescopes #1: Square Kilometre Array (SKA) #2: Solar telescope, Solar winds Space mission related #1: Luna Glob #2: KSLV-1 #3: Pishgam IPK Black Beauty IO: the moon of Jupiter COMET online monitoring system India’s IT Development: SAGA 220 Ubuntu petabytes MillatFacebook (MFB) Direct-to-Home [...]

Vomiting Larry

[Hindu Sci-Tech] Public Health, EnB related: Virtopsy, Vomitting Larry, Hydrogel, Mauritia (Jan Feb 2013)

Gardasil and Cervarix Vomiting Larry Acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) Virtopsy Health communication COPSS Award Mauritia DNA as a storage device Hydrogel Saliva functions Banana peel Bio-inspired technology Lizard : Adhesives Velcro: Maroolimatthai Porcupin: Surgical Patches Gardasil and Cervarix names of the new HPV vaccines [...]

trig table 0-90

[Trigonometry] Type#3: Complimentary Angles related Questions and approach for SSC CGL

What is complimentary angles? SIN vs COS SEC vs COSEC TAN vs COT Multiplication chain (tan and cot)  Finding unknown angle The half angles Summary Mock question What is complimentary angles? If you add two angles (A+B) and if their sum is 90, then [...]

Committee-JS Verma-rape Polity answerkey CAPF

[Answerkey] CAPF-2013: Polity related MCQs solved with explanation

Analysis: Polity Answerkey CAPF Current Static/Theory Creation of New state Parliament related Budget related FR/DPSP related Language Council of ministers Tribunals Analysis: Polity Answerkey CAPF In CAPF 2013, they asked 14 out of 125 questions from Polity. (In 2012 they asked 17 question. so [...]

Portable Alternative Analytical Technology (PAAT)

[Sci-Tech] Dept.’s Annual Report summary(Part1 of 4): Agro, Environment, Solar and Water related projects, inventions, research

Prologue Agri / Dairy related Potash from Sea Water Banana Stem for Paper Making Non-Edible Oils (NEO).  Environment and Biodiversity (EnB) related FLY ASH UNIT Bamboo Mission Misc. Solar/ Energy related Drinking Water related Prologue I’m running the Summary of Department of Science and Technology [...]

automated external defibrillator

[Sci-Tech]TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov(Part 2of4): Agriculture, Public Health, Medical research related

Prologue Foodcrops related #1: Trombay Crop varieties #2: Navara Rice #3: Rice-Fish-Poultry Integrated Model Milk/Meat/Fish related: #1: Poultry Meat to Biodiesel #2: Sea Ranching #3: TMR (Total mixed ration) #4: FMD outbreak in South India Public Health/Policy related #1: B.Sc (Community Health) #2: [...]

[Sci-Tech]TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov(Part4of4): Space, Defense related: INSAT3D, Vikramaditya, EMP, Napalm

Prologue INSAT 3D RH 200 & Thumba GSAT-7 GSAT-14 Chandra X-ray Observatory Olympic torch in Space Defense related #1: INS Vikarmaditya #2: Napalm #3: EMP Bomb Physics/Chemistry #1: Tree Leaves to detect gold #2: Candle flame vs Gravity Mock Questions Prologue So far in the Science [...]

[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 4 of 5) Graduation related Questions: IT, B.E., B.Tech, Biotech, B.Com, BBA, Arts, sample questions from previous interviews

Prologue Graduation related Standard operating procedure Generic (for all) IT / Computer background BE/B.Tech related Biotech B.Pharm B.Com / Finance BBA/MBA/ HR/Marketing related Arts / Literature Prologue Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews Stop Feeling Guilty and Tell me about [...]

[IBPS] Interview Preparation (Part 3 of 5) Banking, Economy, Current Affairs, HR and GK related questions for BankPO/MT

Prologue Banking related Questions in IBPS interview Banking Theory / Current affairs Banking Theory Banking Topics on Mrunal.org/Economy Banking Current Previous Interview Questions Economy related Current Affairs related Question HRM GK questions Prologue Total five articles on how to prepare for IBPS Bank Interviews Stop [...]

Ramdan Dagar UPSC Topper RBI Interview

[RBI Grade “B”] Interview Preparation, Work Profile, Career Growth related information from ex-RBI Officer cum UPSC Topper Ramdhan Dagar

This article meant for those who cleared RBI Grade “B” officer written exam in 2013 and preparing for interview stage: Prologue Questions asked to me: WARNING about low scores My observations about the RBI Interviews Work-profile of Grade “B” Officer Career growth/promotion as RBI [...]