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[Economic Survey Ch7] International Trade, FTA, PTA, ASIDE, E-BRC, CEPA vs CECA Difference Explained

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) India’s Chief import exports Market Diversification Top three trading partners Trade surplus / deficit? WTO Negotiations and India Trade agreements PTA FTA Customs Union Common Market Economic union CEPA vs CECA India’s trade agreements Trade agreements: Recent development Problem [...]

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[Diplomacy] India Nepal Power trade Agreement (PTA): Features, issues; Bhutan Hydro Love-n-Hate

D1: India-Nepal agreements during Modi visit D2: Power Trade agreement (PTA) with Nepal D3: India-Bhutan: Hydropower sharing D4: Indian Intervention in Bhutan Politics D1: Power Trade agreement (PTA) with Nepal Happened in September 2014, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came back from Nepal. Now any [...]