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Banking: Bad Bank PARA from RBI’s Windfall Profit Post-Demonetization, NPA-TBS, etc.

  Bank NPA #1: Twin Balancesheet Problem (TBS)- Three Stages of Although we learned about the NPA- Twin balance sheet problem in last year’s lecture series (BES161) but since the new economic survey and budget have mentioned the same topics, and UPSC has not yet [...]

[ML16] Mains Revision & Answer Writing: GSM2-Polity: Comparing Referendum, Refugee Crisis; Directly Elected Mayor, Parliamentary Secretary, Office of Profit, ALGO-Trade, NMC

Prologue ML16/GSM2: Polity- Referendum in India? Lessons from BREXIT, Columbia & Scotland ML16/GSM2: Polity- Refugee & Asylum Framework in India? Lessons from EU-Refugee Crisis ML16/GSM2: Polity- Parliamentary Secretary, Office of Profit: Constitutional origins? ML16/GSM2: Polity- Direct Mayor system in ULBs, Private Member's Bill- [...]

Office of Profit Issue and AAP Government in Delhi

Office of Profit Issue and AAP Government in Delhi The President rejected Delhi government’s amendment bill of Delhi Members of Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) Act, 1997, which exempted the Parliament Secretaries from disqualification on grounds of holding Office of Profit. It is serious development [...]


Profit formula is majorly used for business and financial transactions. Profit arises when the selling price of any product sold is greater than the cost price ( that is the price at which the product was originally bought). The Profit Formula is given as, PercentageProfit=SellingPrice−CostPriceCostPrice×100PercentageProfit=SellingPrice−CostPriceCostPrice×100 Solved Examples Question: [...]

[Aptitude] Partnership and profit-sharing made Easy for CSAT IBPS CAT

Case 1: Two partners join @same time Step 1: Fill up the table Step 2: Find Ratio of Actual investment Step 3: Componendo on Total Profit Case 2: Two Partners join @Different Time Step 1: Fill up table Step 2: Find Ratio of [...]

Concept: Successive Discounts

[Aptitude] Concepts of Marked Price and Successive Discounts (Profit-Loss) without (stupid) formulas

Profit, Loss, Discount, Marked Price = all of them are mere extension of Percentage calculation concept. And they can be solved effortlessly, without mugging up any formulas. What is Discount? What is successive discount? Case: Successive vs One Time Discount? What is marked price? Case: Finding [...]

[Aptitude] Alligation: Advanced applications in Interest rates, Profit-loss, Average Wages (Wine-Water Concept)

Case: Loan taken from two banks Case: Profit on Single commodity Case: No. of Employees based on Avg Salary Case: Profit on Two commodities Summary Mock Questions Consider these four questions Dr.Haathi has taken some loan from State bank of India at 8% interest [...]


[Studyplan] CDS Maths Paper: Percentages, profit-loss, Simple,Compound Interest rate,Time,Speed,Distance,Work and Statistics (part 2 of 3)

Prologue [Block#2] %, STD and Stat Percentages, Profit loss SI-CI Ratio Proportion Time speed distance Work (TSDW) Statistics-Data interpretation (DI) Stat#1: Calculation type Stat#2: Data Interpretation sets Stat#3: Theory / definition type MCQs Appendix Download link: Topic wise Sorted NCERTs Prologue In the previous [...]

How far is profit maximization the basic objective of a firm ? What are the reasons for limiting profit ?

Ans. The fundamental objective for the existence of a business organization is to create value for the shareholders. The key shareholders of any firm are its owners. The owners want to maximize their wealth by availing profitable business opportunities. Thus, maximization of profits is [...]