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[Aptitude] Product Consistency: If Sugar price increases then consumption should be Decreased by What %, Time-Speed-Distance problems, shortcuts for SSC, IBPS, CSAT, CAT

Case: Sugar Consumption Budget don’t change Case: Salary comparison: How much more or less? Case: Increased consumption absolute value Case: Apples price decrease absolute value Case: Time-Speed-Distance Mock questions Food for thought IF you want to master this method, then don’t just read the [...]

[Aptitude] Time n Distance: Early and late to office (shortcut using product consistency method) for SSC, IBPS, CSAT, CAT, CMAT

Case : Early Late Approach #1: Product consistency Approach #2 (STD Table) Case #2: Tappu’s school Approach #1: Product consistency Approach #2 (STD Table) Case: Pinku’s college (total time given) Mock Questions Answer and explanation Before proceeding further, make sure your concept regarding “product-consistency [...]

What are different types of cost ? How would you calculate the cost of a finished product?

Ans. Fixed or constant costs are the part of the total cost of the firm which does not vary with output, for example, rent of land and buildings, expenditures or depreciation, property taxes etc. When the period under consideration is sufficiently long to permit [...]

How would you calculate the cost of a finished product? Define and explain factory cost, manufacturing cost and selling cost. Or How would you calculate the cost of a finished product ? Define and explain prime cost, factory cost and selling cost with an example.

Ans. Cost of Finis need Product- If office and administration overheads are added to factory cost, office cost is arrived at. This is also termed as administration cost, office cost, cost of production or cost of finished product. Factory Cost or Manufacturing Cost- If [...]