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[Yearbook] PM 15 Points Program for Minority Welfare

What is 15 points program? What are the 15 points? What are the objectives of this program? Who are the target groups? What are the schemes? Equitable availability of ICDS Services Improving access to School Education Modernizing Madarsa Education Self-Employment and Wage Employment [...]

[GS2] Department of Personnel & Training, Vigilance: functions, United Nations Convention against Corruption, fodder points for GS4

Prologue Functions of Pension department Pensioners’ Portal Functions of DoPT Recruitment /Appointment boards Recruiting agency vs Personnel agency Reservation in recruitment Training Administrative Vigilance UNCAC Integrity Pact Stability of Tenure Commercial Employment RTI related work Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) BOARD OF ARBITRATION (BOA) [...]

El Nino Current during Normal Year

[Geography] El Nino, Its Impact on Indian monsoon, Indian Agriculture (+points from Economic survey)

Prologue What happens in a Normal Year? What happens in La Nina Year? What happens in an El Nino year? What is Southern Oscillation? How does El Nino affect Indian Monsoon? El Nino 2014 and India Will El Nino 2014 hurt Indian GDP? [...]