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Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

Nowadays how often do we hear the phrase ‘It’s gone viral’. The very idea of viral growth and change happening in social phenomena was introduced in ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell. The idea that every social revolution in sales, crime, organizations etc. follows the [...]

new Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014

[Bill Summary] Road Safety & Transport Bill 2014- salient features, provisions, penalties, graded point system

Why need for new Road act? Road Safety and Transport Bill 2014 #1: setup new authorities #2: Reform License, permits and policies #3: increase Punishments #4 Graded Point System for penalties Health ministry’s suggestion on Road safety bill Mock Questions Why need for new [...]

Explain the methods to representing a break-even point.

Ans. There are two methods to representing a break-even point - (1) Graphical method (break-even charts) (ii) Algebraic method. (i) Graphical Method (Break-even Charts)- Break-even chart shows the extent of profit or loss to the firm at different levels of activity. Therefore, it is very useful in [...]

Discuss clearly the significance of management from the point of view of modern business operations.

Ans. In modern. organizations, there is no substitute for management. In the words of Peter F. Drucker, "Management is the dynamic, life-giving element in every business. Without it, the resources of production remain resources and never become production." An organization may have r.aw materials, machines, human [...]