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[Science] Injectable Contraceptive, 3 Parent Baby, Twins, Clones, Types of Sexual and Asexual Reproductions in Plants and Animals

Prologue Reproduction: Two Types Asexual reproduction: Subtypes Sexual reproduction in plants Pollinating Agents: Two Types Pollination: Two types Fruits: Types of Sexual reproduction in Animals Family planning Methods Classification Current Affairs: Injectable contraceptives Current Affairs: Three Parent Baby Twin Babies- Theory Cloning- Theory [...]


[Location Factors] Steel Plants in North & South India, Pittsburge USA, Ruhr Valley Germany

Steel Based Industrial Regions USA, Great Lakes-Pittsburg region Canada: St Lawrence Valley Germany, Ruhr Valley Britain: Birmingham, Midlands Sweden, Central region CIS: Ural region China: Steel industry China: Backyard Furnaces Integrated vs Mini steel plants Desi (Indian) Steel Plants TISCO, Jamshedpur, Bokaro Durgapur, [...]

Floating Solar plant

[Energy] DeenDayal GramJyoti, National LED-Program, Synthetic Gas, Floating Solar plants, Agnisumukh LPG

Deendayal Upadhyaya GramJyoti Yojana LED Schemes under Modi-raj Theory CFL vs LED vs Bulb lights? #1: National Program for LED streetlights & home lights #2: DELP: Delhi-wallo LED lelo Yojana Floating solar powerplant Synthetic Gas & CNR Rao Agnisumukh LPG stove Direct sale [...]

Indian Coal Reserves

[Geography Lecture] Indian Geography: Mineral & Energy resources, Nuclear Plants, Gas Pipelines, Iron-Steel & Cement Industries

Prologue G9/P1: Indian Geography: Mines, Minerals and Coal G9/P2: Indian Geography: Petroleum & Gas Reserves & Pipelines G9/P3: Nuclear Energy in India: Uranium, Thorium, Plants & Liabilities G9/P4: Indian Geography: Steel & Cement Industries Prologue These geography lectures are conducted by Ms. Rajtanil at [...]

Enumerate micro-economics as applied to plants and industrial undertakings. Or Write a brief essay on micro-economics applied to plants and industrial undertakings.

Ans. Economics is divided into two parts - (i) Macro-economics (ii) Micro-economics Macro-economics deals with the whole economy. Macro-economics is responsible for growth of national income, level of government spending, the balance of payments etc. Micro-economics deals with the economy of small industries. It is dependent on [...]