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NITI AYOG – Change in Planning mindset, Delay in quota reforms to erode IMF’s credibility, Current Affairs 26th April, 2017

NITI AYOG – Change in Planning mindset Introduction Post independence planning was adopted as major part of economy. Economic and social planning is part of concurrent list of Indian constitution. With the NITI Ayog taking over from the erstwhile Planning Commission there is change in the [...]

gs3 Planning Commission

[Revision] GS3: Economy-Planning, Budgeting, Resource mobilization & Farm subsidies

Prologue [Block-1] Planning commission (PC) why replace? Modi’s NDRC Productivity commission SriKrishna’s FSLRC New Financial sector regulators PDMA Debt Management PJ Nayak Committee [Block-2] Budgeting reforms Bud1: FM 4 kharchaa-Paani Bud2: Feedback Loop Bud3: Curbing fiscal deficit FD1: Disinvestment Keypoints FD2: Fuel subsidies [...]

Niti Aayog: Structure, Composition, Membership

[Economy] Niti Aayog, Planning Commission: Evolution, Structure, Function and truckload of Criticism explained

Timeline of planning in India Five Year plans: from 1st to 12th Planning Commission: Criticism/Anti-Arguments Niti Aayog: Structure, Membership NITI Aayog: functions, Mandates Functional Comparison: Niti vs PC Niti Aayog: Criticism/Anti-Arguments Allocation of funds to States? Chinese Niti Aayog? Mock Questions Timeline of planning [...]

Why is demand analysis essential for successful production planning and capital expansion ?

Ans. Managerial decision making regarding production planning and capital expansion is often complicated due to uncertainty involved in the variables affecting the decision making process. For example, before building a new production facility, the demand for its products is not known with certainty. Similarly, [...]