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Energy Conservation Building Code 2017, Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)

What: Developed by Ministry of Power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) along with technical support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ECBC 2017 prescribes the energy performance standards for new commercial buildings to be constructed across India. The updated version of ECBC provides [...]

[Diplomacy] International Criminal Court (ICC) : Organization, functions, powers

International Criminal Court (ICC): introduction What is Rome Statute? Where is ICC located? What are the functions of ICC? What is International court of Justice? Punishment powers of ICC? any time limits on cases? Wanted Criminals by ICC How does ICC get criminals [...]

[Diplomacy] Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): suspension of Syria, Rohingyas, Jammu n Kashmir

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Why is it in News? Two main outcomes of OIC summit On Rohingyas On Syrian Unrest The pot calling the kettle black Why India is not a member of OIC? India and OIC: Problem area Jammu and Kashmir [...]

Describe the factors causing centralization of authority in any industrial organization.

Ans. Factors Causing Centralization of Authority in any Industrial Organization - (i) Helpful in Emergency Decisions - This type of system is helpful in taking the emergency decisions affecting whole of the concern. (ii) Uniformity of Action - As the major management decisions are taken by a [...]

What do you understand by decision making function of executive ? Indicate the various types of diction swans made in a business organization. Or Decision-making is the primary task of manager. Discuss the statement and explain the role of decision-making in performance of managerial function

Ans. In a business organization, an executive is a senior level manage Decision-making is an essential component of management process manager's life is filled with making-decisions after decisions. Managers. the decision-making as their central job since they constantly select what be done, who is [...]

Describe organizational structure of project management organization employing functional authority at each level of hierarchy.

Ans. In order to accomplish the project goals, a separate division is formed for each project. Project management is formed when project is big in size and subject to high standards of performance. It is solely responsive to the planning, design, development, production, evaluation [...]

What is management ? How do you distinguish between Administration”, “Management” and “Organization” ? Or Define management. Distinguish between management, administration organization.

Ans. Management is defined as the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling to accomplish organizational objectives through the coordinated  use of human and material resources. It is the process by which human and non-human resources are coordinated to accomplish a set of objectives  [...]

State and explain the solvent characteristics of How will you differentiate administration, management and organization State. (R. G.P. V., June 2005, Dec.2008) Or State the characteristics of management. How will you administration, management and organisation ?

Ans. The essential characteristics of management are as follows - (i) Management is Universal- Management is found in every walk of life, where the economical and intelligent application of scarce resources are involved. The principles and techniques of management are universally applicable to all group [...]

Explain the evolution of organization, management and administration.

Ans. -Evolution of organization, management and administration can be divided into three parts, which are as follows - (i) General - Management in one or the other form has existed in every nook and corner of the world since the beginning of civilization. The origin [...]

What do you understand by functional organization ? Write advantages and disadvantages of functional organization.

Ans. F.M. Taylor suggested functional organization because it was difficult to find all-round persons qualified to work at middle management levels in the line organization. Functional organization is also a line type of organization with the difference that instead of one foreman, which being [...]

Explain the structure of line organization. Also, discuss its disadvantages.

Ans. Line organization is the simplest and earliest type of organization. It is also known as military or scalar organization. Structure of a line organization is given in fig. 1.4.   Line organization is based upon relative authority and responsibility rather than on the nature and [...]

Discuss the concept of organization structure.

Ans. The organization structure is a skeleton or a framework which divides the total activities into related groups, develops superior and subordinate relationship among the persons by prescribing the authorities. Hence, it shows the hierarchy (persons arranged according to rank), authority structure and reporting [...]