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[Loot Lo] Disha Ebooks for only Rs. 5, 7 & 10 for UPSC, CSAT, SSC, IBPS, GATE & more! Notebandhi ke Baad Disha kaa “Digital Uphar”, aka Ebooks Loot Lo Yojana

Disha’s Ebooks Loot Lo Yojana: for Rs.5, 7  and 10 only Ebooks for General Studies: History, Polity, Geography for Rs.5-10 only Ebooks for Aptitude: Maths, Reasoning & English for Rs.5-10 only Ebooks for UPSC/CSAT Exam for Rs.5-10 only Ebooks for Staff Selection (SSC) [...]

[Polity] Answerkey for CSAT Paper I (General Studies) 2012 Polity questions only

In CSAT Paper I (General Studies) 2012, Total 18 questions were asked from Indian Polity. I’m providing the answer keys with explanation and reference source. President Deadlock CAG role PM appointment Delimitation Commission Distribution of powers Fundamental duties SC Autonomy Rajya Sabha special powers [...]

markhor in Pakistan

[Science] Answerkey for Mock Questions set by Tushar (Science & Tech Portion only)

Few days, I had uploaded the Mock Questions for GS Paper II framed by Tushar. (Click ME) He has provided the answerkeykey for mock questions for “Science & Tech” portion of that question paper. Here it goes, Modified Embaraer EMB 145I aircraft. Accelerated Technology Assessment [...]

[RTI] Indian Forest Services (IFoS) Mains 2013- only 515 candidates wrote GK paper, only 714 filled up DAF

This is courtesy of Mr.Alok Singh who appeared in this year’s IFoS mains exam and filed an RTI. Some interesting facts: (perhaps you already know) From CSAT 2013 (common prelims), 1061 candidates had qualified for the IFoS (Forest services) mains examination. But out of those [...]

SSC CGL Exam postponed

[SSC] 2014’s Tier-1 postponed due to Election BUT 2013’s T1 Re-exam is on 27th April (only applies to those 7 centres)

SSC CGL 2014 Postponed to second half of 2014 SSC CGL 2013: Re-Exam on 27th April (only 7 centers) SSC CGL 2014 Postponed to second half of 2014 Background: Earlier, SSC Combined Gradulate Level exam (CGL 2014) was to be held on 27th April and [...]

[Current] September Week1 to Week 4 (1st to 30th) Only Topiclist, content will come later

Polity Topics SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Economy & infrastructure SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 International relations, internal security SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Environment, Energy and Agriculture SepW1 SepW2 SepW3 SepW4 Science-tech SepW1: Public health special SepW2 SepW3 again public health SepW4 History and Culture [...]

[Essays] November Week2: Nehru legacy, knowledge society, age of discontinuity (only Topiclists)

Nehru related Indian Society, Culture & women Globalization Education, Science, Religion Want to participate? Nehru related Has India fulfilled Nehru’s vision of a liberal, democratic and united nation? What is the Nehruvian legacy? (this column in hindu) Nehru- the man who read history, wrote [...]

[Current Topiclist] December Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

IR-Diplomacy, Internal Security Dec.W1 DecW4: IR Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Infra, Schemes Dec.W1 DecW4: Economy Polity, RPA & rights issues Dec.W1 DecW4: Polity Environment & Biodiversity Dec.W1 DecW4: Environment-Biodiversity Mock Questions for Mains Science Tech, IT, Medical and Defense Dec.W1 DecW4: Science Tech, Medical, [...]

Disha Offer Rs1

[Offer] Disha Ebooks for Rs.1/- LIC-AAO, SBI Asso. Clerk, RBI, CAT, GATE XAT & more! First 10,000 Purchases only

Disha Publication’s has launched a “Ebook Loot lo Yojana”. First 10,000 ebooks to be sold at Just Rs.1/- Offer ends on 26th January 2015. Link:  dishapublication.com/download-free-study-materials/e-books Notable Ebooks on offer LIC AAO exam ebook: 400 pages at Rs.1 SBI Associate Clerks ebook: 532 pages [...]

Current Affairs Topiclist for UPSC

[Current Topiclist] January Week1 to Week4: Only Topiclist, Content later

List of abbreviations IR, Diplomacy & Internal Security Jan-W1 Jan-W2: IR & Internal Security Jan-W3-IR Jan-W4-IR Economy Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Economy Jan-W3-Economy Jan-W4-Economy Polity Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Polity Jan-W3- Polity Jan-W4- Polity Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W1 Jan-W2: Environment, Agro, Disaster Jan-W3- Environment, Agro Jan-W4- Environment, [...]

Mridaparikshak Soil Testing Lab

[Current Topiclist] February Week1 to Week4 (1 to 28): Only Topiclist

List of Abbreviations IR/Diplomacy FebW1-IR FebW2-IR-Diplomacy FebW3-IR FebW4-IR Economy FebW1-Economy FebW2-Economy FebW3-Economy FebW4-Economy Polity, Governance FebW1-Polity, Governance FebW2-Polity, Governance FebW3-Polity, Governance FebW4-Polity, Governance Environment, Agro FebW1-Environment, Agro FebW2-Environment, Agro FebW3-Environment, Agro FebW4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare FebW1-Science Tech, Defense, IT, Healthcare [...]

Current Affairs Topiclist

[Current Topiclist] March Week1 to Week4 (1st to 31st) Only Topiclist

Abbreviations IR-Diplomacy March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-IR/Diplomacy Economy, Banking, Finance March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Economy Policy, Governance, Accountability, Administration March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Polity, Governance Environment & Agriculture March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Environment, Agro Science Tech, Defense March W1 & W2 Mar-W3W4-Sci-Tech, Defense, [...]