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[Science] PREDICCS, LCROSS, HXMT, Life on Mars (Space related S&T from Hindu Sept-Oct-2012)

Life on Mars NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) PREDICCS LCROSS Hard x-ray modulation telescope (HXMT) Zero Gravity effect Life on Mars Why life is possible on Earth but not on mars: some reasons Our moon is of the right size, able to control the spinning [...]

[Public Health] ENCODE, GPCR, LNT, Disease in Dish, RNTCP & other 2/5 markers from The Hindu S&T (Sept-Oct 2012)

Antibiotic resistance Super-spreading of Dengue Humanised mice RNTCP (Revised National TB Control Programme) Reproduction Spicy food and Tears G-protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) Pineapple itching Blank Slate Cells / Reprograming Cells / Disease in Dish ENCODE project Single-dose drug cure for malaria HIV drops in [...]


(October 2013) Write Articles, Win World History Books +Free Notes as “Consolation” prize for everyone, 25th Oct last date to submit

Technical Requirements Where to send the article? Topic Requirements: Language Requirements: Good Faith About the World History books Jain and Mathur: A History of the Modern World Norman Lowe: Mastering Modern World History Arjun Dev: History of the World FAQ After the grand success [...]

gadgil vs kasturi-western-ghats

[Sci-Tech] TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov:(Part 1 of 4) Environment and Biodiversity (EnB)-Jellyblooms,e-waste rules,SAFAR tech

Prologue Flora Fauna Wildlife related Jellyfish bloom Cyber poaching  Tiger Census Giant African Snail Hibernation Great Indian Bustard Katurirangan report on western ghat Human Cruelty by Animals? Waste Management related #1: E-waste rules #2: Nisrgruna #3: Coriander as biosorbent  Air Pollution related #1 [...]

automated external defibrillator

[Sci-Tech]TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov(Part 2of4): Agriculture, Public Health, Medical research related

Prologue Foodcrops related #1: Trombay Crop varieties #2: Navara Rice #3: Rice-Fish-Poultry Integrated Model Milk/Meat/Fish related: #1: Poultry Meat to Biodiesel #2: Sea Ranching #3: TMR (Total mixed ration) #4: FMD outbreak in South India Public Health/Policy related #1: B.Sc (Community Health) #2: [...]

[Sci-Tech]TheHindu Sep-Oct-Nov(Part4of4): Space, Defense related: INSAT3D, Vikramaditya, EMP, Napalm

Prologue INSAT 3D RH 200 & Thumba GSAT-7 GSAT-14 Chandra X-ray Observatory Olympic torch in Space Defense related #1: INS Vikarmaditya #2: Napalm #3: EMP Bomb Physics/Chemistry #1: Tree Leaves to detect gold #2: Candle flame vs Gravity Mock Questions Prologue So far in the Science [...]

Asian Games 2014 Mascots

[PIN-Oct] Part-3/3: Sports, ASIAN Games 2014, and BusinessGK

Sports: Oct 2014 17th ASIAN games Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) Hockey HERO Indian Super league Football World Kabaddi League (WKL) Tennis Misc. Sportsmen in controversy IPL match fixing probe Paes vs Patriotism Sarita Devi’s boxing medal Foreign players in controversy Business GK: October [...]

Booker prize 2014

[PIN-Oct] Part-2/3: Booker Prize 2014, Books, Disasters & Places in News

Booker Prize 2014 for Fiction Other Books in news Disasters in News Days in News Places in News: 2014-October West Bengal Delhi Telengana Karnataka Other states Tribes in News Booker Prize 2014 for Fiction Australia’s Richard Flanagan wins Man Booker prize 2014. His novel: [...]

Begum Akhtar

[PIN-Oct] Part-1/3: Persons in News, Committees, Diaspora, Begum Akhtar, Shakti Devi, Prabha Sridevan

Prologue SPIN: Sarkaari People in News CIN: Committees in News FIN: Foreign in News DSPIN: Diaspora in News DIN: Dead in news for CDS Prologue Total three parts: Persons in News, Committees, Diaspora, You’re here Booker-2014, Books-Authors, Disasters & Places in News Sports, ASIAN Games [...]

[CSAT-2015] UPSC Prelims result is out, ~15,000 selected for Mains, DAF to start from 29th Oct

Result PDF links Result Withheld Unhelpdesk numbers & emails Road Ahead Mains Timetable (Civil Service) 2014 Result PDF links UPSC has uploaded result for CSAT-2014 preliminary exam. 15,008 candidates qualified for the mains exam. Here are the links to download the PDF file containing roll [...]